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Recent posts by Johnny Joseph


We can have log folder for a web-application in

# custom folder
# user home folder
# application server folder
# application installed folder

Which one is the best practice and Why?

5 hours ago
Can you share an example of Runnable with Callable, which executes multiple and combine the results..
2 days ago
Paul, thanks for your clear explanation. I agree future is for threads...

Do we have a similar kind of interface in Java which we can use it for computation of results???

Why we always need to create an interface for the same..Why don't java provide one so that it would be helpful to standardize.
5 days ago
Which Tim explained is the best example too....

We need to discuss on how to avoid these kinds of insertions from back-end.

#1, What are the alternate approaches to overcome this problem?
#2, One more case is one would have a generic report, however in one of the use case certain values needs to be bolded. In that case, front-end will not know about this. It would be complex in the front-end side to deal with it. Forwarding several variables from back-end for special treatment would be messy.

Please advise.
5 days ago
Let's take this example

#1 Client has several document format in HTML format with signature and other additional details has to be filled up dynamically

#2 - We need to save all the different format of HTML to the database. i.e Template Design which is in back-end

#3 - Now we would append all the details needed for the template

So in this case, we might need to append HTML tags as part of the response to send it...

Do you have any suggestion to overcome this?
6 days ago
Yes, the server program should be agnostic. But in several times i come across in different projects with such practices of having HTML tags in back-end code.ow
Please let me know
6 days ago
A program wants to do computation of results....But he thinks future does that...Manages it...But he asked whether can we use the Future without threads..basically the same class
6 days ago

I saw in few cases,

List<String> map = new ArrayList<>();
map.add("Count : <b>"+count +"</b>");

some of the web-application embed or append and send back the response to the UI with HTML tags..

Using angular web application

when i checked with a front-end developer he says sometimes it is bit to handle so sending as tags is the right approach

Can someone please let me know in which use cases we need to use HTML tags as response and in which case we should not use it?

What is the best standard practice?

1 week ago

Can we use Java <Future> without using any thread?

Just to executed several methods. Can we use future for it...

1 week ago there is any place where i can see these kinds of designer's issue where they couldn't take it anymore....
1 week ago

Is the following would the right way ??

add(Integer a)
add(Long a)

I want to have a single method only the parameter will be changed. However not sure whether it would create a method,


add(new Integer(1))
add(new Long(123232)

when pass the integer and long object will the appropriate method gets executed without issues or sometimes Integer will be invoked for Long or vice versa?

also, what in case the user just pass the primitives alone??

Please advise...

Instead i have to rename as addLong() addInteger() to come across the problem


2 weeks ago
I agree static methods can't be overridden...However in the other cases the difference comes only during runtime. Why java couldn't catch in during compilation itself?
2 weeks ago
Why does Java allows to override a static method which will not work ?

Is it possible to stop them in the compilation time itself?

Is there is any cases where static method overridden is going to work in java?
2 weeks ago