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Recent posts by Jeff Song

My server has no GUI so is it need user document?
where to put it, in help menu or in a solo dir?
Which charsetname is right?
so use the new String(buffer, offset, description[i].getLength(), "UTF-8")
I think u should include the file with the filename.but the descriptions are not reqired.
I met a new problem. I create a thread which will repeatly run in the server to check if there is overtime locks on server. If there are such locks, this thread will release the lock and notifyAll().
BUT, In this scene, Client A locked record 1 but didn't unlock it and A crashed. Client B tried to lock record 1 but found the record had already locked by other so thread of Client B was wait(). AND NOW, the thread I mentioned before found there is a overtime lock(of record 1) and release the lock. BUT when this thread notifyAll(), it can not call the Thread of Client B from wait to run.
I have tried many way but found only notifyAll() from Remote(through RMI) can let the wait thread(from remote too) from wait to run. Thread on server can not notify the threads called by Client from remote.
Can somebody supplied a solution to resolve the problem of the perivous scene.
Thanks in advance!
Thank you very much for your response. The question confused me for a bit long time. But I think I have found the answer now.
Thanks again!
What I want to ask is: If we attemp to book a flight which already be locked by another client.
What the current client GUI should look like? Standby or still active for other operations such as search or book another flight.
Is it not allow for GUI to freeze while the lock is work on?
In my way , my GUI will available for operation while the lock was blocked which means my client get the record control. But I wonder its right.
Hi all,
My business logic is in client-side and I code my book() method as sequence:
The business logic is in client so that both mode(local or client) use the same sequence. But I saw somebody said that it is not necessary to lock record in local mode.
So my question is: How to write business logic?
What I can think out is:
}else if(remoteMode){
Am I write? How to seperate lock method between local mode and remote mode?
Thanks in advance!
Can u introduce your design choice as usual
21 years ago
but in this case,the compiler would said the methods in interface DataClient don't throw RemoteException!
FBNDatabaseRemote only extends Remote and DataInterface, it has no any body,right?
but every remote method must declared to throw RemoteException. If the methods in DataInterface don't throw RemoteException, How can the FBNDatabaseImpl pass complier.
But i didn't find the requirement in instruction.
It is only required in local mode only I understood.
Should I supply absulote path or relative path???
When I implement my assignment, I encounter a problem.
The DataClient interface has all public method of Data, and it DOESN'T throws RemoteException.
FBNDatabaseRemote extends Remote and DataClient,
but when code FBNDatabaseImpl, the compiler said the methods in interface DataClient don't throw RemoteException!!??
Do those methods in interface DataClient need to throw RemoteException?
Is tt possible to assign db path in parameter in the server-side?
or use the default db.db in suncertify.db package
I an still wondering how you write ur method content:

public int getRecordCount() {
public int getRecordCount() {
//do nothing
But in this way, Wrapper just has a refrence of Data instance, but in the guide said, must include a class implement all the public method of Data Class.
You just have a interface with all the public method of Data, not a class IMPLEMENT all the public method. You must have your own reason of resolving this issue. Can u explain it to me?