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Recent posts by Robin Louis

Hello everyone, I scored my OCA.
I'm aiming for the OCP now.
Is the "OCP: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-809 Book by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff" of 2016 still up to date with the current OCP ?
And is the still up to date ?

Thanks you everyone and have a great day.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Robin,
Not on purpose. The PDFs we reviewed and the printed book all have indentation. The Kindle book "lost" it. We don't know why.

Thanks a lot for your answer !

My OCAJP is scheduled for the 18/06, I'll let you know if that crazy indentation made me the OCAJP big boss.

Have a great day everyone.

Paul Anilprem wrote:

Robin Louis wrote:Thanks for the answer, not every question will be an indentation trick tho, right ?

No, not every question but you won't know which one is trying to trip you on that. Mostly, the if/else questions is where you have to be more careful.

Because every question in a book i'm reading just omits indentation, like the following question

If it is an ebook, it could be a formatting issue with the book or the ebook reader s/w. Which book is it?

The online exams included with "OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide : Exam 1Z0-808" written by Jeanne Boyarski and Scott Selikoff.
They do indent the questions in the book though, it's only the online questions that have absolutely no indentation. Maybe it's not on purpose, I don't really know.
Thanks for the answer, not every question will be an indentation trick tho, right ?

Because every question in a book i'm reading just omits indentation, like the following question

What is the result of the following code?

so I wonder if every question will be like that or if it is intended to train me to the indentation type of questions.
That doesn't bother me that much for that question but when there is much more code that's kind of hard to read when the point of the question isn't even reading correctly the indentation
Hello everyone,

Question is in the title, I see a lot of mock questions not use the indentation.
Is it a thing ?

Charles O'Leary wrote:Congratulations Robin.

No xml.  (Annotation questions only.)  Correct?

No XML indeed
Thanks a lot for your congratulations.
5 months ago
Hey guys, I wanted to share my impressions after succeeding the Spring Professional certification.
I think this might be useful to others.

I had no knowledge of Spring beforehand, there are no prerequisite other than java knowledge. (I studied OCAJP beforehand)

I read two books to study for this certification :
1 : "Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam A study Guide Using Spring Framework 5 Second Edition" written by Iuliana Cosmina and published by Apress.
2 : "Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail" written by Ivan Krizsan.
The first one is raw Spring theory.
The second are the answers to the questions provided by Pivotal in their study guide that you can download here

And I practiced mock exams, a lot of them.
And let me tell you that you really shouldn't pay a single $ for them.
There are two reasons why you shouldn't pay for mock exams.
1 : they are nowhere close to the questions asked on the actual exam, not especially harder or easier, just not the same type of questions.
2 : the david mayer mocks(40$) were exactly the same questions as itestjava(25$) and they both are the same than the ones you can download for free on android with the app SpringQCM.
I really must insist on the fact that they are the same questions, so if you want mock exams, do your wallet a favor and download the android app that is free.
But to be honnest, mock exams weren't really a big help, you should focus on understanding the topics, the book from Ivan Krizsan was a big help for me in that matter.

It took me 5 weeks to read the books and prepare for the exam, about 5 hours per day excluding weekends.
Don't hesitate to ask questions on this forum if something is confusing for you, that's what I did and people here are welcoming and helping.

I want to thank Stephan van Hulst for answering a question I asked on this forum and Campbell Ritchie for welcoming me.
5 months ago
I was really confused by that reasonning aswell. Glad I am not the only one.
Thank you so much for your answer.
5 months ago
I'm studying for the Spring professionnal certification and this is one of the question they provide in their study guide :
"Is @Controller a stereotype? Is @RestController a stereotype?"

And those are the answers I found in 2 books that were recommanded to me to study this certification :

1."You might think at this point, since @RestController is a specialization of @Controller, this makes it a stereotype annotation, right?
Wrong. First, there are five stereotype annotations in Spring: @Component, @Repository, @Service, @Indexed and @Controller and they are grouped under the org.sprigframework.stereotype package.
All of them, except @Indexed are meta-annotated with a single Spring annotation, which means that the meta-annotated annotation can be treated the same as the annotation it is annotated with.
They are part of the stereotype package and have a fundamental role in declaring beans.
@Indexed is a special case because it was added in Spring 5 to indicate that the annotated element represents a stereotype for the index.
This is useful when classpath scanning is replaced with reading a metadata file generated at compile time for identifying bean types.
Anyway, @RestController is different because it is a composed annotation that is meta-annotated with @Controller and @ResponseBody.
Because of that @RestController cannot be treated the same way as @Controller and thus it cannot be a stereotype annotation if it cannot be treated the same as one."
Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam A Study Guide Using Spring Framework 5, written by Iuliana Cosmina and published by Apress.

2. "Is @Controller a stereotype? Is @RestController a stereotype?
According to the first reference of this section, the @Controller is a stereotype annotation.
In addition, it is located in the org.springframework.stereotype package.
The @RestController annotation is a stereotype annotation, given that its declaration is annotated with the @Controller annotation."
Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail, written by Ivan Krizsan

And since it is a question I might get on my exam, i'm quite puzzled by the different answers I got.
5 months ago
Hello guys,

Everything is pretty much in the title.
2 books are telling me it is and it is not. So I wanted to have your opinion on that.
6 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch

Is that a book? Please provide author's name and publisher. I am moving you to our Spring exam forum, where you will get better attention.

Thank you so much And yes it is, sorry for the confusion, I edited my original post to make things clearer.
6 months ago
Hello guys,
I am new around here,
I read the "Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam A Study Guide Using Spring Framework 5" written by Iuliana Cosmina and published by Apress.
And I was wondering if there are any good mock exams around.
I did 39/50 on the exam sample at the end of the book but I feel that it's a little too short to attempt the exam right away.
Do any of you know a good mock exam source ? I feel like for the OCAJP there were a lot more of options to practice the exam.
And do you guys know if XML configuration is a topic of the exam ? Most of my sources indicate that it is not but some mock exams ask questions about XML config, which confuses me.
I wanted to ask you about a specific website that provides mock exams but coderanch wouldn't allow me to talk about it, it is considered cheating to practice with mock exams ?

Have a great day
6 months ago