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Richard Maher

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This very urgent and I would appreciate any relevant insights.
This issue occurs for me on Netscape 6.2 using JREs 1.3.1 through 1.4
Im running a signed applet (launched using the Applet tags) which does some Java to JS communication. The first time the applet is launched everything is dandy, no problems arise and the applet performs perfectly.
However it is on the second launch (closing down the applet but leaving another NS window open (so the JRE hasnt been shutdown)) that Im having difficulty with. On certain Javascript calls the browser completely shuts all instances down with no indication of what problem has occurred.
Static variables still hold their values(even after destroying the applet), but this shouldnt cause such a catastrophic browser reaction?
I have a couple of threads which I thought may be the problem, but nothing seems to resolve it.
Again Id appreciate any comments as Im at my wits end.
Thank you
17 years ago