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Good day All

I am using Android Studio 3.6.3

The scenario I need to set up is as follows;

I need a picture inside an ImageView (or something similar). The picture starts in the centre of the ImageView. I need one button which will rotate the ImageView (and thus also rotate the picture inside the ImageView).
A second button which will move the picture inside the ImageView (but NOT the ImageView) along the X line.

The code for the ImageView is


The picture is the item @drawable/mapsmall

I define the ImageView in Java as

imageView = (ImageView) findViewById(;

The code for the rotate animation is

ObjectAnimator rotateMap = ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(imageView,
               "rotation", 0f, 180f)

The code for the moveX is

ObjectAnimator moveX = ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(imageView,
               "translationX", 200f, 500f)

Now the rotation works fine and rotates the ImageView.
The MoveX works well and moves the ImageView.

Since both animations target

imageView = (ImageView) findViewById(;

This may be no surprise.

In the MoveX animation how do I TARGET ONLY the picture which is inside the ImageView and not the whole ImageView? My Animation requires me to move the image inside the imageView (if this is possible)

I am new to AS (that may be obvious from my code).

I have previously coded this animation successfully in both ActionScript3 as wel as in Javascript. I know that Java is a much more powerful code than either. it MUST be possible to do this ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


1 week ago