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Recent posts by Doug Mellon

Im on my phone right now but will give this a shot tonight. Thank you so much for your time.
4 years ago
First, I am currently a college student and trying to supplement my studies by learning Spring / Spring Boot outside of the classroom.

My goal is to have a user login, enter in a search term, access an api using that search term, then displaying the JSON data.

The structure of my web app so far is as follows: (I will be changing the username and password setup here, just have it hardcoded with demo info for now)




I will be getting JSON data from the Listen Notes API (

In the documentation, it supplies the following code snippet to search a term in the API:

My question is, what is the best possible route to take that will allow me to enter the users input into that search URL where it says "search?1=" then display some of the JSON data on my result.html page?

I'm sorry if this is a terrible question, I've just been searching around and finding it difficult to figure out how I can process the data that is entered into my search box.

Any suggestions for documentation, how-to's, etc that will help me accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate if there is anything I can access for clarity.

Thank you all for your time,
4 years ago