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Recent posts by Yamna Ghazi

I need to get the absolute path of Jlabel icon , I have tried this instruction :

but it returns this : javax.swing.ImageIcon@69bb498f
I want to  return the absolute path of that Icon, for example : C:\Users\me\Downloads\image.jpeg
Any one can help me please ?
2 days ago
this is the complete code :
1 week ago
I created a jframe that allows to generate an rdf file and save it using jfilechooser , my problem is how to avoid overwriting it and avoid to save new  files with  an existing names.
I have tried this , but it doesn't work and it overwrites the file .

Anyone can help me please to fix my code ?
1 week ago
I want to create this model in java :
1 week ago

I have an RDF model that has :

1. the following Classes :
-Woman(subclass of person).
-Man(subclass of person).
-Child(subclass of person).
-Son(subclass of child).
-Daughter(subclass of child).

2. the object properties are :
-isDaughterOf(domain:person/range:person) .

3. the data type properties are:

I want to create this model in java and reuse it to generate an RDF file.
Anyone can help me please or give me an example  ?
1 week ago
@Zachary Griggs
Yes ,c4 is the new combo box that will be added dynamically to my jframe whenever I click on the button "add",my goal is to add dynamically combo boxes then I generate rdf file to describe all the URIs of the combo boxes.
1 week ago
[size=12] [color=black]
I have a jframe  with jcombo boxes and that frame  allows to add dynamically JCombo boxes , and the items of jcombo boxes are URIs that I have extracted from an ontology ,so whenever I click on "add" button new jcombo boxes  boxes will be added to my jframe.
this is my code for adding jcomboBoxes :

I have also a button "generate RDF" for generating RDF file of the different URIS of the different jcomboBoxes,for example I want my rdf file to describe 4 URIS so I add 4 jcomboboxes to my jframe an I select for each one a diffrent URI but the problem is that it only works for the first URI and the 3 others are identical,despite I have selected different URIS.
this my code for generating rdf file  :

So how can I fix this problem ?
2 weeks ago