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Recent posts by iseva fuji

I have a nested recycler view with ItemView click listener in child recyclerview, where on click of item-view background color of the card will get change,  also on click of items I'm putting objects in separate ArrayList and pass it to an interface and accessing it from MainActivity (if array pass-through interface  size >0  button enables on main activity for API call) here is my code

Click Listener


if I comment out   listener.itemClick(skillArray);   color of cards clicked get change, but another functionality depends on it get stopped.
any help/suggestion can be very helpful.

3 years ago
I have to integrate Microsoft authentication API for login in the android app. for that I registered my app to the Azure portal, by providing a package name and Signature hash. Signature hash is generated using this command keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -Keystore\debug.keystore | OpenSSL sha1 -binary | OpenSSL base64

on app run, I'm getting this exception MsalClient Exception: The redirect URI does not match with the package name and signature hash. but both the package name and signature hash is the same at android and Azure. im following this tutorial
3 years ago
I also told this to my client, but he still wants it
3 years ago
what I want actually is,
Currently, I log in to my app using an account using email ID and password, and OTP for 2FA.
email ID which im using for login supports TOTP.
so can I add the user's account into an authenticator apps like Google, Microsoft authenticator,
which will give me a unique key every time and by entering that key in my app it will validate the user and let him log in.

i want to remove my existing phone based OTP flow.
3 years ago
I Have an Android application for which I required 2FA for security, just like LinkedIn and Google account.
is it possible to do so ?, using Google authenticator or other similar apps.

3 years ago
Actually my company have Azure subscriptions, so I have to make sure that my current option i.e.(azure) does not have a solution on this,
so that I can look for other options.
3 years ago
I need an Indoor map solution for Android and Ios.
Microsoft Azure provides Indoor mapping for web,
I wanna know, is azure indoor mapping available for android and ios?
by reading Microsoft's Documents it's not clear.
what are the other solutions available for Indoor mapping?
3 years ago
I have developed a Web page (Chatbot) that uses Web speech synthesis API.
The chatbot works fine(i.e takes voice input and gives voice response) on windows & android chrome browser.
but it's not working in android webview (not provide a response in audio).
so is there any way to make it work on android webview?.
what are the other options available so that the Chatbot works everywhere?. (webview android).

like this online bot, it works on web and mobile chrome along with webview in android.
3 years ago
im trying to add a voice-based chatbot URL in android's webview.
currently, I can able to provide voice input to the same, but in return,
I'm not able to get voice output, the URL is working as expected in the android chrome browser.
the only problem facing with a webview. URL uses the Speech Synthesis API.
any solution for this?.   or any other speech synthesis API works with the webview.
3 years ago