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Recent posts by Hellen Han

Hi, all:
I have finished Activex exe component which is collecting data for client. The client written in VB6 can register the server remotely. Now I am planning to rewrite VB client by using Java, But I do not know how to register and call the methods in server(Activex exe). What kind of technology(or API) I can use, where I can find some sample codes? I really appreciate any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.
20 years ago
Actually, could you talk little about your project, what kind of topic it is.
Nice Thanksgiving.
21 years ago
Hi, I figured it out.
I restore the autoexec.bat like you said, and I thought I forget put the full path name there. Now It looks like: c:\tomcat\webapps\project\web-inf\classes.
and "/servlet/Hello" as FORM ACTION. It worked.
I really appreciate your patient explanation and admire your knowledge.
Thanks again
21 years ago
Hi, I must misunderstand what you means. Check if I am right, when I copy those into server.xml, I only can used FORM ACTION "sevlet/Hello".
How about next part, if I restore the autoexec.bat, could I used "/servlet/Hello". I have tried and it do not work. How could I make the "/sevlet/Hello".
Thanks all those information.
Nice Thanksgiving.
21 years ago
first I copied those sentences to the server.xml, I tried to use "/servlet/Hello" for the FORM ACTION, it did not work. Then I tried to restore the autoexec.bat like you have said, but it did not work either. I also restart the computer every time.
I think I must have done sth wrong here, I wonder could you suggest me some internet/books so that I can find this kind of information. I am so frustrated, sometimes everything is right and I just can not figure it out.
Have a nice holiday.
21 years ago
Sorry I did not come here to check message until now:
My directory :
for html file: c:\tomcat\webapps\project\form.html
for java file: c:\tomcat\webapps\project\web-inf\classes\hello
I did create a new folder project under tomcat to put my practice files. I do not know how to configure on server.html, and that might the problem I can not invoke the servlet sometimes.
ALso, the URL address in browser window after you clicked "SUBMIT QUERY" Button: http://localhost:8080/servlet/Hello?name=xxxx.
Actually the URL address should be http://localhost:8080/project/servlet/Hello?name=xxxx. So this is not right.
Now those are the staff, I thought the problem might be how to configure the server.xml. I really appreciat your suggestion.
Have a nice weekend.

21 years ago
I follow your instruction and that worked great. Thanks very much.
I have another question which may looked funny to you, but it worked for me.
Whenever I want to use <Form Action="some here"> If I use "servlet/hello" , the result is right, but if I use "/servlet/hello", results will be "page can not find". This is one of examples.
So when I tried the code from books or website, I have to take "/" away before servlet in order to make it work on my machine. I wonder if I need to set some staff on my machine like you have said.

import java.lang.String;
import java.io.*;
import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;
public class Hello extends HttpServlet {
public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)
throws ServletException, IOException {

PrintWriter out = res.getWriter();
String name = req.getParameter("name");
out.println("<HEAD><TITLE>Hello, " + name + "</TITLE></HEAD>");
out.println("Hello, " + name);

public String getServletInfo(){
return "a servlet that knows the name of the person to whom it's" + "saying hello";
<FORM METHOD=GET ACTION="servlet/Hello">
If you do not mid me asking, what is your name?
How to explain this? I am really confused what happened here. I appreciate someone can explain this.

21 years ago
I got questions when I practice the cookie example from:
There is two servlet, SearchEnginesFrontEnd.java which generate the HTML form and another CustomizedSearchEngines.java which takes care of redirect and search.
My problems is that when I click the submit button on form, it can not find the hall.CustomizedSearchEngines, also I have found the problems, but I can not fix it.
I am using tomcat, I have directory under tomcat\wevapps, I put all the servlet under tomcat\webapps\project\web-inf\classes\hall.
I invoked the SearchEngineFrontEnd under http://localhost:8080/poject/servlet/.... until now every thing is fine, but when I push submit button, another servlet can not be found. I notice the path was shown on the browser is: "http:\\
localhost:8080/poject/servlet/servlet/hall.Customized...." .
That is why another servlet can not be found since the path is not right, they have double "servlet".
I have used form action is:
<FORM ACTION=\"servlet/hall.CustomizedSearchEngines\">\n".
if this action is directly put in the HTML, it work perfectly.
I wonder if someone can give me some ideas why it is not work.
thanks in advance.
21 years ago
Hi, I am glad to join in the team. I have done some school project sby using JDBC and knowledge of Applet, RMI. I am studying Servlet now.
My email: xi_han@yahoo.com
21 years ago
Hi, maha:
Thanks for your response, now I know where to put those files, and thanks you.
Best regards
21 years ago
I am new to Servlet and try to get some execise done.
I have downloaded the Tomcat, figure out the classpath. I look Ok.
I read some previous discussion about where to put servlet and html and jsp.
It was said to put html, jsp under c:\tomcat\web-apps\examples and servelet to c:\tomcat\web-apps\examples\web-inf\classes under the root directory where html, jsp were.
SO I Have tried, the examples from book: Java servelet programming, HelloWorld.java: If I put this file under c:\tomcat\bin it worked fine, but if I put this under c:\tomcat\web-apps\examples\web-inf\classes and it will not work.
Given Information:
Error: 404
Location: /servlet/HelloWorld
Same strang thing happened to second example, which come with one form.html and related servelet Hello.java. If I Put form.html under c:\tomcat\web-apps\examples and Hello.java under c:\tomcat\bin it worked, but if I moved Hello to c:\tomcat\web-apps\examples\web-inf\classes it will not work.
I have read some material about this, but I still confused and do not know how to put html, jsp, servlet file.
Please help
Thank in advance.
21 years ago
that's www.setfocus.com if I am right. But they only accept US citizen and green card holder. Also they need your background and evaluate, then decide if they will give you opportunity. But you can try, it sounds great. Good luck.
21 years ago
Hi a ali:
That help lots, and now I can run it.
Thanks again.
21 years ago
Hi a ali:
That help lots, and now I can run it.
Thanks again.
21 years ago