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I am calling a servlet residing in a domino server from a java program.I am passing a cookie value but servlet is not getting invoked.I would like to know how i can test whether the connection is active or not(can you suggest any programs that i can use for testing the same)
I am providing here few lines of code which i am using to get urlconnection and set cookie.
HttpURLConnection urlconnection = null;
URL serverURL = new URL("");
urlconnection= (HttpURLConnection)serverURL.openConnection();
Please go through and give suggestion/sample programs
Thanks and Regards
18 years ago

Hi ,
This is subha.Atpresent I'm residing at CT,US.I'm a B.E graduate in the field of Electronics and communication engineering.Also I'm aware of Object oriented programming,Java,Servlets,HTML,Javascript,VC++,Oracle,SQL-server.
I worked as a Trainer as well as a java programmer in Aptech,India for a smaller duration.So I wish to work as a Jr.level java programmer.
Also,I want to test my skills in Java Language for software development . I want idea of a real-time project which can be done by Java Language .Would you please assign some projects to me.
Expecting ur reply
Thanku in advance.

19 years ago
Peter you've said it all.
Just a bit more to clear things.
There wont be any confusion if you look at the numbering system like this.
1 ...............126 127 -128 -127 ................-1
00000001 01111110 01111111 10000000 10000001 11111111
1 126 127 128 129 255
(if we only accounted for +ve integers)
So this actually means that +ve numbers from 128 - 255 are used as
-128 - -1
We just have to understand how it maps. The reason being the top bit set to '1' helps to distinguish the -ve number.
So once we have reached +127, when you add further it will be changed to -128thro to -1 for a byte.
This also the reason why we can address only 2^7(128)integers on either side, which is half of 2^8(256) in a byte.
So we have 2^7(-ve integers),0, 2^7 -1(+ve integers)

Hope, I was helpful.

PS: True programmers talk HEX
Hi nandakishore,
Thanks for your reply. Tomorrow I am going to appear for the exam so kind of nervous.