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Recent posts by Mohana Mahalingam

Anyone cleared GCP for Java developer recently?
Is it possible to clear the certification by attending 10 days training?
Any suggestions for the preparations please?
I'm completely new to Cloud..
Please reply
What's the latest certification in java webservices?
Any suggestions for the books to follow
Will they cover java microservices and spring boot
Hello everyone,

Can you suggest links or books for java microservices, spring boot and cloud computing ?

I'm looking for an interview
2 months ago
I'm unable to understand the flow of the program..
Can you explain how the answers arrived for labelled break, break,labelled continue and continue statements

1)When I execute the above program, answer is
Value2found at2,0
Can you explain how the value 2,0 is obtained when Break Parent_Loop is replaced with Break statement?

2) When I execute the same with Continue parent_Loop the same answer is obtained. Can we consider break and labelled Continue statements as the same?

3) When the program is executed with Continue statement, the answer is Value found at 2,1.

Please provide explanations how these statements are working
Thanks in advance
Hello Earl

Very big congratulations to you..
I have completed SCJP6 4 yrs ago and with a career break now

For java 11 upgrade exam,  will it be useful if I stick on to the suggested chapters for the exam alone?
Any other practice needed?
3 months ago
In chapter 4 Java 11 book, below code snippet is given :
Public class sample
Public static void main(String args[])
int[][] list ={{1,13},{5,2},{2,2}};
int search=2;
Int positionX =-1;
Int position Y=-1;
for(int i=0; i<llist.length;i++)
for (int j=0, j<list.length;j++)
position X=i;
position Y=j;
Break parent_lopp;
If(positionX==-1|| positionY==-1)
Sop ("value not found );
Sop("Value found at +position X, position Y);

The explanation states for the labelled break output would be 1,1
If it is normal break statement, the value is 2,0

I'm not able to understand how 2,0 is occurring?? Please explain
Also, let me know what will be the answer if the labelled break was replaced by Continue statement
Thanks for your reply Jeanne.
As you have mentioned, I'm taking this upgrade exam after SCJP6 and 4 yrs career break..

Can you clarify the below questions too:

1) Review questions are available after every chapter. Can you suggest some other practice exams chapterwise?

2) Below are the portions mentioned. Will a candidate be able to clear the exam perfectly if they read these chapters and practice with the 4 question papers???

Part1- Chapter 2 - Java building blocks
Chapter 11 - Modules
Java Fundamentals
Generics and collections
Functional programming
Modular applications

For 1Z0-817, I'm using the OCP java11 complete study guide by Jeanne and Scott

Does the exam require to read the complete book?
In part1 only 2 nd 11 chapters are marked as requirement for the exam. How about the new concepts of lambda expression then?

Apart from the review questions, do we have any practice exams for chapter wise?

Reading the book and attempting the practice exams are sufficient to pass the exam?

Please reply to all the questions
Can 1Z0-815 can be taken still?
How about 1Z0-817 then? Can you answer my questions on the post please
Is it 1Z0-819 or 1Z0-817 exam code for the java 11 upgrade exam?

What's the difference between these two and does the syllabus change

Please suggest books for both.

I have completed SCJP6
Can you suggest books for 1Z0-819 then.
Is it very hard to pursue with long yrs of break in career?
I'm planning to take OCP Java 8 certification..passed scjp6 certification in 2014..

Can I take 1Z0-809 directly without 1Z0-808?

Java 11 upgrade exam seems to be more difficult.
JDK version is available for 64 -bit in the link you provided..
Can you send for 32-bit?