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right, me too, I am wondering how it is computed.
I think each question has a weight. Also, there is some question which is not scored, maybe it is part of the total (500) that's why 300 score = 76% (38 questions), 200 score = 12 questions (some of it might be unscored), just a theory though.
3 weeks ago
Hi all!

I just passed VMware Spring certification. I got 417 score over 500, though I'm still curious what is the percentage of this or how many mistake do I got.

The exam is simple if you are prepared. I can agree with their claim that you can pass if you can answer all questions in their study guide pdf.

It took me about 6 weeks of preparation, a consistent 1 to 2 hours of study every morning right after I wake up.

I have only about 1 year of experience prior on taking this exam. I used the following resources to prepare:
- Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam, Second Edition by Iuliana Cosmina
- Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail by Ivan Krizsan
- And notes by fellow rancher you can found here

I can say that the first one is a long book where you can study it even you don't have any experience with spring. Then the second one will summarize all the details you need for the exam. Lastly, the pdf notes is the one you can use before the actual exam, I read all of it for 1 whole day and it is very helpful, though there is some missing notes that is covered in exam so be sure to double check the study guide.

I try to answer some mock exams (2 mock exam to be exact) you can download for free in google play, but I don't recommend them because there is some questions not covered in the exam and there is some outdated question and answers.

Finally, If you can answer all the question in official Exam guide (pdf) with confidence (you can found here, you can also pass the exam with confidence!
3 weeks ago

The maximum score is 500, it is written on the official page. it says "VMware exams are scaled on a range from 100-500, with the determined raw cut score scaled to a value of 300."

you can view it here on the 'Passing Score' section
3 weeks ago
Hi Jeanne! It's a pleasure to share my experience and to be noticed by you

I am really a fan of yours and your books. I'm looking forward to your future writings
2 months ago

Tom Huynh wrote:Hi Earl, congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Question regarding learning. How did you fight the 'forgetting curve'.

Can you tell us how you retained the knowledge that you read at day 1 at the end of 21-day learning period?

I find the specific how rather interesting because it's a lot of material to digest.

Hi Tom, Good question.

I think retaining and digesting knowledge is by fully understanding the topic.

I have my quick Java editor (vim) to try the samples and experiment myself so I'm not just reading it but also apply it.

Also, if you answer the review questions at the end of each chapter (from Jeanne and Scott's book), it will also help a lot. I answered it at least twice (after I finish a chapter, and a re-answering all chapter review questions at one sit after finishing to study all objectives)

Good luck and enjoy learning!

2 months ago

Mohana Mahalingam wrote:Hello Earl

Very big congratulations to you..
I have completed SCJP6 4 yrs ago and with a career break now

For java 11 upgrade exam,  will it be useful if I stick on to the suggested chapters for the exam alone?
Any other practice needed?

Hi! Thank you!

Yes, you can stick to the suggested chapters because it is the only topics included in the objectives of the upgrade exam. It will save you more time and decrease the overall topics you need to remember. Good luck for your study and enjoy!
7 months ago
Hi all, this was my first time to post here in code ranch.

I just passed the OCP 11 Upgrade Exam today with 93% Score. This is more than enough for me as i only get 72% on my 1Z0-809 Exam.

I have no knowledge on any Java 11 features before deciding to study for this exam. I only used Jeanne and Scott's Study guide book for 816 and 817 exam, and it really helps!

Also, i take the 4 mock exams available at Enthuware and it gives me more confidence. I recommend answering it and reading the notes afterwards, it is worth it.

It took me 3 weeks of consistently studying every morning for around 2 hours and the result is very rewarding.

My final thoughts, the Study guide book will help you from scratch to understand new features of Java 11, i think this book alone can pass you. But if you want to get higher score, then the Enthuware Exams will make your "Exam answering skills" solid.
8 months ago