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Recent posts by Kenyon Masaati

My score is around 66%

Some of the question topics that I have encountered that I think need to have more focus on:

- Spring Boot, specifically scenarios its autoconfiguration (dependencies, property files, sqls, etc that would be in the classpath)
- More about PropertySource (properties file, etc), how the data can be retrieved, which propertysource overrides another one
- More configuration on pom.xml, creation of a war file or a "fat jar"
- Configuring Actuators, not just using them
- Instantiating beans on @Conditional cases
- ApplicationContext scenarios
- @Profile scenarios, including configuration
- Testing and Mocking Scenarios, specifically on configuration and comparisons (Ex: @Mock & @MockBean)

I would also say don't bother studying XML Configuration at all

Some mock exams I have tried. For all of them I would say the actual exam is much harder and has more vague questions than I encountered in all of them:

- Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 - Practice Tests by Said Z'BIRI: I'ts fine but easier and the mock questions are more direct.
- SpringQCM App: Quite outdated with xml configuration but at least it is free.
- Itestjava: I would say worst of the three because it is outdated as well, almost same as SpringQCM and it costs money.

Books that I have studied. I still consider them as good reference books for learning and in no way I blame them at all:
- Pivotal Certified Professional Spring Developer Exam by Iuliana Cosmina - still a worthwhile book, but not much topic on actuators
- Spring In Action (4th and 5th Ed) - can teach you concepts and beginner setup, but not focused for the test scenarios. Also 4th ed still xml configured
- Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail - not much topic on actuators, although I've read a bit only
- MrR0807 - same: not much topic on actuators, although I've read a bit only

I'd like to post this because I want to consider retaking in the future and hopefully more resources and mock tests would consider these cases. Any other reference can recommend as well?
Total preparation time around 3 months but with 4-5 yrs Spring Experience

6 months ago