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Recent posts by Mui Goku

I don't know about the regex, but I am trying to code with character by character iteration. I will share the code in a few days regardless of being correct or wrong.

I still want to try solving it on my own.
1 week ago
Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable in regular expressions. So I have to first know about regular expressions to solve this problem?
1 week ago
Suppose I have a string "sgdgs34dfjg123hfgj7" which has 3 number groups 34,123, and 7. I need to write a program to find the largest number in the string which is 123.

Can anyone help me with this problem?
1 week ago

What does the returned value indicate?

The return value indicates the indices of the Fibonacci series, for example, if you pass 5 as the value it will return 5 as at index 5 the value is 5, and for value 6 it will return 8
3 months ago
Thanks! I understood now
4 months ago
I have been trying to write a Fibonacci series program recursively and I also got the output after searching online.

The code is:

But I am getting confused in the return statement, for example, if n=5 then the return statement will be
Which function is recursively called first? Or is it that the first recursive call gets executed first and after it has returned the final output, the second recursive call gets executed, or maybe both of them are called simultaneously?

Any help will be appreciated  
4 months ago
I understand that this code is very clumsy, I am very new to JSP so I didn't know that you should not use business logic inside the JSP code. Thank you for the criticism it will help me grow
I have been trying to update a row in a table using JSP and JDBC, but every time I try to run the code I am getting an exception

Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed wrote:

. Here is the code

This is the error I am getting

I don't know what am I doing wrong, any suggestions would be appreciated