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Recent posts by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Howdy all

I've tried using the following tutorial for spring boot and neo4j
Spring Boot and Neo4j Example

but I keep getting dependency errors and it's proving to be frustrating, though good experience.

Wondering if anyone has a good Spring Boot and Neo4j tutorial that has working, current instructions, that I can use with Intellij?

Thanks for any and all help!
3 weeks ago
Howdy All

Wanted to intro myself and say hello.
I work in Pro Services right now for a OCR company, but hoping to (hopefully soon) make a transition to a non-customer facing, junior java developer role.

Working on Head First Java, Tim Buchalka's Udemy Masterclass, and thinking about doing the intro/associated Java certs.

Looking forward to getting to know people here, building relationships, and hopefully building knowledge.

All the best during these trying times and thanks for allowing me to join!

1 month ago