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Recent posts by Aravind ViswanathanIndia

Please find attached the complete screenshot.
Marked the text added by me in red.

3 years ago
I am not able to edit and add my name to the certificate hall of fame for Java EE Architect Master page. It says "the post is detected as spam" when I try to submit.

Could you kindly help me with this. Attached screenshot.

3 years ago
At last got the email yesterday with my assignment and essay evaluation results
Cleared the assignment in the first attempt.

1st June 2020 - 1Z0-865 - Downloaded the Assignment
23rd July 2020 - 1Z0-807 - Cleared the Master Exam
10th August 2020 - 1Z0-865 - Submitted the Assignment
17th August 2020 - 1Z0-866 - Gave the Essay Exam
7th September 2020 - Results available for the assignment and exam. Cleared.
12th September 2020 - Got approval for the course completed. I completed the course Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML Ed 2 Training on Demand in June 2020.
13th September 2020 - Certificate and Badge Issued

I have been slow in learning the concepts of JSF and Facelets when i was first introduced to them in my work 8 years back. I struggled initially but later started enjoying the learning process. During those times i resolved to take up the Architect certification path once i master the Java EE technologies. I have always been reading and hearing about the Assignment being difficult to implement until we have sufficient expertise we will not be able to clear it. Hence had been postponing this for a long time. Thanks to the lockdown and also the certification retirement deadline. I took it as a resolve that if i do not act now i will never be able to take this certification.

Thanks to Java Ranch members. The certification stories and forum discussion helped me a lot in planning, designing and fine tuning my assignment to perfection.
Hoping to  continue the Java journey by taking up Java 11 certifications in future.