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Recent posts by meisam sabzi

I have login page ,contain web socket connection  and I want to login that with a third-party app.
I create the jwt  and jwt token work fine in postman but
I don't know how to set this token for browser
can someone help?
3 weeks ago

Claude Moore wrote:

Salil Wadnerkar wrote:What you pasted is a simple username-password authentication. Check out:

Thanks for sharing it.

Is this worked for you?
1 month ago
I try with this but not wor
1 month ago
Hi there

I have problem with login manually  with spring security
There is a login page with Qr code(I can put every want need to it)and  we have mobile have contain username.
when user scan the Qr code with  app ,user must be logged in .

I found this code for login:

but I don't know how to use it and how to logged in user automatically

I mean when user scan the qr code the page must be redirect to dashboard
I can create a web socket but I don't know how use it.
I need this .please help me.
sorry for my english

1 month ago