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I wanted to point out that there seem to be two "steam" errors in the book. One on page 511 in printed book, as you pointed out (chapter 9) and the second one in the index (at least in Kindle version) - I was referring to the second one.

Also, it is possible I found another small error. Kindle version once again. Figure 6.10. The service locator module is shown on the diagram to be "zoo.tours.reservation" (reservation is singular here), but we see "zoo.tours.reservations" (reservations is plural here) being referenced everywhere else in text and in code. So I would say that the diagram should have "zoo.tours.reservations" as the module name.
Thanks Jeanne :-) I think I found another one, although its very minor. Once again, OCP 11, Kindle edition, index, page 1083 of 1094.

When we get to letter "S", we can see "steam operations, terminal operations". Obviously, it should be "stream" instead of "steam".
One more possible errata. Table 9.3, Path methods:

This should be or some other variant. I've checked and I cannot find the overloaded method that has no parameters. If correct, this could also apply to page 756 (Kindle edition), with paragraph that starts with "Deriving a Path with relativize()".