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ravi thupil

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Recent posts by ravi thupil

Is there any one located at Hyderabad, Nagpur, New Delhi/Ghaziabad preparing/finished for part-II or part-III?
What are the beginners books on Swing? And what are the advanced books on Swing? Thanks in advance.
20 years ago
Thank you Raj. Can you give the address and phone numbers of Informatics? I came to know that STG and Silicon in Delhi also sell the vouchers.
Can you get their addresses and phone numbers? Thanks in advance.
Can any body give the addresses of any testing centers located at New Delhi/ Ghaziabad or the Prometric
Where can I purchase voucher and take Architect Exam part-I in Ghagiabad/New Delhi India? Please give me the addresses & phone numbers if available?
From where can I download J2EE design Patterns? I am getting on line hHTML pages. I want download and read it offline at home. Thanks in advance.
Ravi Thupil

To Gemini
<A href="">
Updated chapters of XML Bible</A>
Thank you all.
How far Java Networking(Orielly, 3 rd edition) will be useful for Architect certfication

Thanks in advance
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java�2 Platform.
IBM Certified Developer - XML and Related Technologies, V1.
I have also taken the test and scored 3.29. Some question are taken from the examples of XML Bible. Except some product oriented questions the test is worth taking as as a practice test for IBM XML Certification.
Ravi Thupili
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java�2 Platform.
IBM Certified Developer - XML and Related Technologies, V1.
Just passed IBM XML Certification today.
Now I'm qualified for the following titles:
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java�2 Platform.
IBM Certified Developer - XML and Related Technologies, V1.
How does the questions look like?
Most of the questions are same as the IBM sample test and as posted by previous test takers. The design questions are provided with one separate exhibit containing the requirements (one question got two exhibit one containing the XML file fragment and the other containing the XSL file fragment)
All the other questions are normal ones that can be displayed in a single screen shot without requiring any further scrolling.
Most of the questions are on XML 1.0 (with DTDs) and XSLT. I got two direct questions on SAX (fundamentals only), one direct question on Schema (again fundamentals only), 4 to 5 questions on CSS and only on direct question on FO.
Most of the questions on DTDs (No notations) and XSLT (including some tags and code)
My Scoring in each section
Design : 76%
Information Modelling: 88%
XML Processing: 89%
XML Rendering: 85%
XML Query: 50%
Implementation/testing: 64%
The breakup of questions is as given in IBM sample test( 18%, 23%, 25%, 10%, 5% and 19% respectively for each section)
I suggest the follwing readings:
1) XML Bible (including updated chapter No 14 and Erratta available on net)
This book is sufficient to achive up to 60%( You also have to read the two Appendices on XML spec.)
I suggest to read this book cover to cover excluding chapters on CSS2, Xlinks*, Xpointers* and chapters 19 through 22. (I suggest to read only the first two or three pages and the summary of these chapters to understand the FAQ on these topics)
*Get updated versions on Net.
2)Free on line chapter on Xpath (Orielly book)
If you still want higher score and you can read the following in the order specified
1)Any article on SAX design
2)DOM spec (XML portion is enough) and DOM API
3)XML1.0 spec*
4)XML NameSpaces Spec*
5)Xpath Spec*
6)XSLT Spec*
7)Any article on Schema
Take the sample test on Javaranch
Probe the IBM sample test (I mean it) to understand the type of wording/confusion in the actual exam questions.
Follow the javaranch postings regularly�
I thank all the participants on this forum and especially all the previous test takers who gave valuable suggestions that helped me to achive a good score.
Thank you and Good Luck to all of you.
I am going to take the XML certification test on the 7 th May. Can any XML certified person answer these FAQ?
1. Do the questions have multiple answers or a single answer ( as given in the IBM sample test)
2. If the multiple answers exist, do they specify how many answers to select as in JCP?
3. What will be the general instructions displayed before the commencement of test( As in JCP)?
Thank you in advance.
ravi thupil
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java� 2 Platform
Why HTML4.0 spec is also included by IBM as a suggested reading for XML certification?
Any body please clarify? Thanks in advance?
How is this book. I don't find any comments about this book on this forum. I want to buy some book for XML certification. It seems that this book was revised recently. I think it may ijnclude the latest revisions to all the required XML related technologies which are required for the exam. Any suggestions.
Which is the best book for certification.
Thanks in advance.
I am a Java Developer. I was asked my consultant to get some knoledge in testing tools. I came to know that SILK, SQA and WinRunner are the popular testing tools. Can any one suggest me some product oriented books, tutorials, liks, free down loadable software for academic purpose (for SILK, SQA and WinRunner). Thanks in advance.
20 years ago
I am Presently working on servlets on an e-commece project.
I am from India. I am interseted in helping you. Please contact