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Recent posts by roger alves

im creating an api for school project using node, typescript and moongose and i have a question about this:.

I have an agregate that have, as agregate root, the Entity "Path".

This path have some simple fields like name or whatever and an array ( or list) of "PathNodes"

PathNodes is an Entity inside this agregate but dont have an id ( teacher said that, whatever it means)

Path nodes have 2 Nodes, one inicial node and one final node -Node is the Entity of another agregate and is already implemented.

My question is how should i implement both the domain class of Path and PathNode and also how to implement the Schema for this ( i know i could use the schema as "domain" classes but teacher dont want that).

What im thinking is somehting like this

                               ---PathNode.ts ---
 import Node from '...'

Class PathNode
private Inicialnode : Node
private FinalNode : Node  
constructor(nodei:Node, nodef:Node   ){
this.Inicialnode =nodei; this.FinalNode  =nodef;

                               ---PathNodeSchema.js --- Shcema{  
nodei: { type: Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'Node' },
nodef: { type: Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'Node' },} }    

                                   ---Path.ts ---  

import PathNode from '...'

Class Path  

private name: String
private PathNode: PathNode[];

  constructor(obj :PathDTO   ){ =;
for(pathNodes of obj.pathnodes){
this.pathNodesTemp = new PathNode(pathNodes );

                            ---PathSchema.js --- Shcema{  name: String ,
PathNode:[ { type: Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'PathNodes' }],  }

What do you think of this? im also confused becouse i have a repository for path, but not for pathnodes as path is the agregate root. Inside the repository if i do PathSchema.create(path) will it create the path document along with the pathnodes? Or do i need to PathNodeSchema.create(pathNode) first?

as Path have a list of PathNodes, maybe PathNode should reference the Path it belongs to instead of Path referencing many PathNodes? If yes how should i implement it?

Thank you