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Recent posts by Sebastian Makowiecki

We never stick to the script. It feels like all we ever do is simply report the progress / status. I knew there must be more to this, wonder what effect it would have when we were doing it 'the right way'. Much appreciate your input.
I agree: open & honest communication, as with everything else in this world! Thank you for your input.
We are always discussing going into details discussing the tasks during scrums.

Does going into a lot of detail serve any purpose do you think?

We rarely stick to the script and prefer to elaborate on the tasks we done and are planning to do.

Scrum, the (in)famous scrum.

It feels like our daily scrums serve only one purpose: holding us accountable for the time. While I understand this is needed, personally I would love to benefit from the scrum meetings - I am sure that's was the original idea, otherwise it just seems unnecessary. Lately we have been having an additional afternoon meeting, solely for the purpose of discussing our daily progress.

How would you go about gently steering the scrum master, a person who does not have any sort of appreciation of the intricacies of the scrum process, towards getting more info on guiding the meetings and the process in general?

Perhaps you are aware of a specific approach towards inexperienced scrum masters? When it comes to these things I tend to have quite a direct approach, which rarely serves me well.


This actually encourages me more to  start working through the book and fill in the blanks as I go along with the help of other online resources. Perhaps not the most obvious way to go about learning a subject but I'm confident having solid foundation in the theoretical concepts I should be able to fill in the voids quite handy. Thanks!
2 weeks ago

I am transitioning into the devops role at my workplace (can't wait) and I know for a fact I will be dealing with kubernetes etc.

In principle I know what it's purpose is and the role it plays in the technological stack, just that I never had much (or anything) to do with it so far.

So my question is will a kubernetes-greenhorn such as myself benefit from the lecture?


2 weeks ago

Don't judge the book by it's cover (aka title), but by the table of contents instead!

Glad I had a closer look, did not think it would be such a good fit for my needs.
4 months ago
The chapters headings in the list of contents surprised me quite a bit .. in a good way. Can the book be treated as a (semi-)comprehensive guide to Java?

In your opinion, is it a 'proper' read for a person with limited experience and somewhat 'unsystematised' grasp on the programming concepts? Most importantly do you think it's a good resource for a practicing Java programmer that will help to fill in the gaps in the existing knowledge?

Many thanks,
4 months ago
Are there tips and tricks regarding efficient code commenting, such as it's not overdone but ain't neglected either?
Many thanks.
4 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:a book and training material

SKIP yes, well aware of it, thank you, one of many kickstarter backers here also a proud owner of "the rocket mass heater - builder's guide p.s. hopefully someday I will actually get a chance to build it too.
5 months ago
Ah, I see what you mean by the 'link' in my first post. Did I put it there? Can't remember doing so on purpose. How do these things happen to me I wonder. Cheers.
5 months ago
Ah, perfect, thank you for an explanation makes a lot of sense. A beautiful combination of math and programming lets you tackly just about any theoretical as well as practical problem I reckon.

Thanks for the book and for an answer.

P. S. Actually wondered how to make sure the post will be tied to the book's discussion, must have missed something.
5 months ago

Sebastian Makowiecki wrote:
(..) with the best of intentions. (..)

I forgot the road to hell is paved with these.
5 months ago