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Please consider this scenario

my models

I have a very simple repository and controller just to test how the data is persisted

I would like to save a record like this using the /load endpoint

   "id": 2,
   "firstName": "Cris",
   "lastName": "Star",
   "middleName": "None",
   "alias": "Cr",
   "dateOfBirth": "2020-02-12",
   "gender": "male",
   "contactDetails": {
       "emailAddress": ""

What I get now is

       "id": 2,
       "firstName": null,
       "lastName": null,
       "middleName": null,
       "alias": null,
       "dateOfBirth": null,
       "gender": null,
       "contactDetails": {
           "id": 8,
           "emailAddress": "hello",
           "mobileTelNo": null,
           "homeTelNo": null,
           "workTelNo": null,
           "employee": null,
           "new": false
       "new": false

When I query the MySql data base I can see the record added in the customer_details table.

End goal:
1. save employee details and persist data in contact_details table
2. search by phone_number and list the details(either customer or employee) of the related phone number
3. search by employee_id or customer_id and get customer/employee + contact details back

How could i map my model to start with?
Could anyone help me with the queries, please?


1 week ago
After some thought I understand.
If in any case there should be such a requirement, it would point a reference to the total in the Customer pojo
2 months ago
thank you, I understand now where I was wrong.
A customer is one and accounts are many.
Still, if I would have wanted to have a variable in each account, as "totalForAllAcounts", how would that be achievable?

customer: details
Account: details of the account + new field totalOfAllAccounts

I can solve the sew field in the customer.
2 months ago

I need to process my array list and calculate the total that is take from each account balance.
I can't have another data structure as per homework.


First though was to loop over the list and

This does not work as the previous total is added to the next customer.

A potential solution would be to add an accountKey to the Customer and Account, so I can have a constant in both lists, to check if they match and calculate the total.
Maybe that would stop the addition of balance to the next customer.
I don't think that is a go, tho.

Thank you for reading.
2 months ago