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Recent posts by Luke Moloney

good thoughts all .

I like the idea of gradual learning with


Felienne, must have a look when I get a chance, sounds like it would be great for learners and junior developers ( in fact it would be nice to turn off some features in a language like Java just for junior developers until they understand OOP abit!)

I think one of the problems with a language like Java and an approach like OOP is there is alot to get your head around for people to understand (I've worked in Java for nearly 20 years on and off)

It seems to take many people (by no means everybody) a long time to make the transition from procedures to objects

good point Campbell.

Totally agree Les,

the language is just another hammer

like you say and they are all pretty similar really.

I've programmed in Java ,PHP and Javascript mainly.

But I've heard good things about Kotlin reduces alot of the boiler plate of Java ( I guess you get more that what you need todo , rather than how todo it - similar to the imperative / declarative debate I guess).

5 days ago
hi Felienne,

From your teaching which languages have you found people pick up easiest ?

And indeed for everyone,  would be interested to hear thoughts.

Do new programmers pick up functional languages quicker than OOP ?

And what is your favourite new language ( or newer language ), I keep hearing Kotlin is a great new(ish) language ( I'd like to look at it myself , when I get time ...)
1 week ago
hi Priyanka

The compare method in your example is using reverse sort order on strings ( ignoring case ) if you change this line to :

it will sort in natural strings order (ignoring case ), numbers come first.

If you want to see a simple example of strings normal sort order run this:

this prints:


because in normal strings order ( lexicographical ):

1. numbers first
2. uppercase strings next
3. lowercase strings

if you change the input strings to lower case it would be:


You're right ! There have been alot of complaints about the exam and the time ( 90 minutes ), its the OCP JP 819 exam.
1 week ago
They range in number of lines , but there are quite a few that are probably 30 plus lines.
1 week ago
I agree witb you Campbell, I don't think speed reading is great in coding.

But todo the exam in the time allowed its needed unfortunately.
1 week ago
hi Felienne,

I've got a question, what tips have you got for improving speed reading of code ( for certifications exams )?

Is it just a case of practice ?

I'm an experienced developer, and generally don't speed read that much ( but need to improve for a cert exam I want to get ).

1 week ago
Looks like an interesting Book. With some interesting insights, like the speeding reading code chapter.

I'd like to read it ! I just failed the OCPJP 819 exam ( one of my weak points was not reading the code samples fast enough  ).
1 week ago
hi Juan

well done passing and a great score too (I just failed).

I guess the API memorisation there's 2 sides to it, I think it brings attention to various classes and functionalities (for those new to Java especially), but I do agree the exam is heavy on memorisation ( when in real world you'd just check the API ).

I'd be interested in hearing how you found the speed ( I struggled with reading the code samples quick enough , I'm an experienced dev and don't do much speed reading of code ).
you're absolutely right Mikalai,

Speed reading and speed decision making on the code samples is vital for this exam.

However as an experienced dev, I'm not sure its a great trait to be encouraging to the kids taking this exam ( I know alot of them are junior / entry level, wanting to improve their Java ).
thanks Guys

it was the discount one ( I think I rushed it to get the discount to be honest ).

yep definitely will do lots of Enthuware exams before taking it again.  

In terms of questions there's a wide range really.

A few on Function / Streams stuff , and interfaces / inheritance . Then rest was a mixed bag.
Pretty disappointed.

Why I think I failed (53%) - I prepped pretty intensively for the last 2 months ( 25+ hours per week )

1. Not enough time spent on Mock tests ( I've done 3 in the last week , up until then , I hadn't done any)

2. Not enough time spent, practicing speed reading code ( you have to read alot of code , very quickly in this exam )

3. Practice writing / viewing code in a black and white text editor ( I used Eclipse )

If I could make one suggestion to Oracle it would be allow abit more time ( I'm not a season exam taker - its been 12 years since my last exam ).

The funny thing is I think I really gave myself a really great update of my Java knowledge, and feel like I know many of the topics really well now ( I'm an experienced dev but haven't done any hardcore for some years Java since Java 1.5 ).

hi Steven, there's a breakdown from Jeanne Boyarsky on Scotts website:

But it would be great to hear of other peoples experiences.
I've planning on taking the 819 exam next week (not feeling super confident ).

What should I cram for in last week of prep ?

What topics have you found come up more / most / multiple times.

e.g. Streams and Lambdas seems to come up alot, from what I read.
hey Jeena

Good luck with the study and cert

I think todo the 819 cert starting now would take a lot of work if you haven't code in java for several years. Not impossible but if you have any other commitments, very difficult I would say. Just depends what time you can devote to it.

I'm studying for the same exam ( started at start if March ), and I feel like I won't be ready for it ( working on it between 10 to 25 hours per week on it, depending on how many time I can give it).

I feel I won't be ready for Apr 25th.

I've been out of Java in earnest for over 10 years ( last cert I did was Sun SCJP 1.5 ), so wanting to come back into Java.

But this is great site for help, I've heard great things about Pauls Enthuware exams.

Good luck.