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Recent posts by Stepan Adamov

There is a core project that uses Spring-Sleuth. And there is logic in the AspectJ aspect, where some logic is asynchronously executed in CompletableFuture, including logging via Logback. And judging by the debugging, even before the CompletableFuture code is executed, the mdc is cleared in the TraceRunnable spring-sleuth class and nothing is output as a result. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
3 weeks ago
How can I customize Spring Sleuth so that it uses other names as traceId and span Id in the body of the HTTP request and response? That is, I need everything to work the same way, but the traceId and span Id are transmitted through the HTTP body with different names

Alternatively, process the request and response BEFORE it is processed by SLeuth. Does anyone know how to do this? The HandlerInterceptor does not help
1 month ago
I set up sssl on wildfly 19 from this tutorial But after I try to deploy my spring boot app or empty war I get an error

  Why i get error


I changed:

1. added in security-realms

2. And in server name="default-server"  i did

2 years ago
How to add or remove objects from the database(postgres) in jbpm?
I could not find information on this
3 years ago
First, I made a test project to learn how to work with ActiveMQ. Everything worked there.

Here is the github link

But when I did the same with an already made application on Spring + Security + Jaas, then everything stopped working. And apparently the Listener class is not working. I sent messages to this queue via ActiveMQ admin but didn't work

Here is the github link

3 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Welcome to the Ranch, Stepan!

Would you please transliterate your display name (Stepan Adamov)? While we have a very international community here, to avoid confusion, we prefer that people standardise on the English language and the Latin alphabet. We have all the fun we can stand just trying to decipher stack traces in Portuguese! Doesn't matter if you prefer "Stepan", "Stephan" or something different, we'd just like to have your name readable by those who don't know the Cyrillic alphatbet.

Rob should be able to easily help you with your problem as long as you can supply him with the things he needs to see.

Ok, i changed
3 years ago
If I add 1 post, then the comment is quietly added.
And if the post has already been added twice, then an error pops up
3 years ago
I make a blog on Spring Boot + Spring Date
There is a post, user, comment, and entities that contain links between them.
For each of these 6 entities, I added the annotation

Also created in the Database additionally hibernate_sequencе

However, the following problems arise.
1) When I add a post (with id = 1) and delete it, and then create a new post, it is already with id 2, not id 1
2) When I try to add a comment to it,then throws an error that usually occurs if there is no SequenceGenerator.
ERROR: insert or update on table "posts_comments" violates foreign key constraint "posts_comments_post_id_fkey"
DETAIL: Key (post_id) = (5) is not present in table


add comment in CommentService








3 years ago