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Zak Assad

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since Apr 03, 2021
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Recent posts by Zak Assad

Hello Code Ranch,

I am an associate software engineer and I'm looking to progress my career in the field, and seeking a mentor to aid me.

About me

26 years old
Graduated with a bachelors degree in mathematics back in 2018 and then decided to pursue a career in software development as a result of that.
Was fortunate to find an entry level position at a software consultancy where although it took a while I was able to learn the basics of software development.
Decided to leave as the role involved learning many niche programming languages which I wasn't interested in and ultimately would lead my career to a dead end.
After which I had a gap in employment where I began revising the fundamentals in core Java, tried to take the oracle java 11 exam (which I failed but learnt alot as a result). Began learning about servlets, RDBC, and protocols such as Http etc.

Now I've started a new role as an associate Java software engineer and I'm looking to climb through the ranks as I enjoy being a software engineer and I have goals and ambitions which ultimately stem from being a successful software engineer.

About you

Experienced software engineer in Java
Someone who wants to help others and have gone through the journey which I am seeking to embark on.
Preferably someone from UK (I am from London) or a similar timezone.
Someone who can direct me in what to learn, I can speak to one a regular basis (Like once a week), Can help review my code and give constructive feedback.
1 month ago