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Recent posts by M Janssen

Ch 7 #57 has been added twice to the list on https://www.selikoff.net/ocp11-pt/.
I think Ch 7 #58 and #59 should be added, and Ch 7 #57 only once.
Thank you!
Could you also include Chapter 7 Q #63 in the list, since that question seems to have the same error?
As noted in the answer to Ch 8, Q 17, the code does not compile by keyword synchronized without object.
But there seems to be another reason it doesn't compile: ExecutorService's method execute() is given a lambda parameter with return type String: s.execute(() -> r2.getAnswer(r1)), while it must be void ('Bad return type in lambda expression: String cannot be converted to void').
Answer to Chapter 7, Q 21 says (page 511):
The -m option is not available on the javac command.

But javac --help displays:

Answer B might still be the right answer as -m might not be commonly used, but in that case the explanation is wrong.
It seems Chapter 7 Q #63 has same error.
I hope this could be confirmed and included in the list of known errors.
Congratulations   !
Could you give an indication of whether you scored well above minimum passing score of 68%, or just slightly above?