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Recent posts by Martin Driftovic

I just received Credly badge for 1Z0-819-J so it seems they changed their policy and start issuing it through Credly as well.
It is also part of Certview now.
Hello Francis,

yes, I received same answer from Oracle support.
You can link this badge to your LinkedIn profile from CertView, but link itself will point to Oracle site not Credly, but still there is information it was issued to you, but it is not as "nice" as in Credly.
Thank you Maria, Thank you Paul
Thank you Mikalai

I noticed one change, that badge is now issued through Oracle CertView and not Credly (acclaim).
I saw someone 3 weeks ago having badge still issued through Credly(acclaim) so I opened ticket to Oracle and ask them about it.

Reply was that "my badge is available for me to to access and share in CertView. It will not be available in Acclaim. You will have all the same access to download, share, and verify in CertView."
I did my 1Z0-819-J on second attempt and for both attempts I paid discounted $25 price.

After failed attempt and 48 hours waiting period I was curious if I could register again for discounted price, and I was able to.
But still I thought it might be only error, so I just asked one of our oracle education sales representative assigned if I can register again for discounted price.

I was told that at beginning that discount was indeed valid only for one exam attempt, but then they wanted to be more customer centric and they allow another attempt for discounted price.
(I really don't know if this means that each attempt until 25th April will be discounted or only second one)

So I registered again (for discounted price), I succeeded (80%) and I have my certification.

@Thank you Jeanne and Scott for your books, and thank you Enthuware team for your mock exams.

*Retake policy:
Candidates may schedule a retake of a failed exam after 48 hours, for an appointment date 5 days from the failed exam appointment date.