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Recent posts by Edward James

Juan PĂ©rez wrote:Just passed 1Z0-819-J with 82%, I'm a 20 years old computer science student, started a month and a half ago with the free java training that Oracles provided (more than 30h of video), then practiced tests and questions with "Java OCP 11 Practice Tests".
I took the exam from my home, everything went smoothly, no complaint, I was scared because I heard something about an eye tracker, but at least in my case, every went nice.
I got a question about how to initialize a channel, also a really strange question about ResourceBundle, in which the files were called, but in the ResourceBundle.getBundle, the MissingResources, with a "s" in the end was called. Don't know if that was intended.
A couple of questions about Stream, also quite some on Java OO approach. I think only one of security, one about PreparedStatement.setNull.
In my opinion, this certification is only worth it if you take this offer only paying $25, I learned so many things that are just not useful, had to learn many things memorizing when you could just take a look at the documentation. Really, unless you really need it, or that you don't mind spending some extra money, paying $220 for this certification I think it's not worth the price. I'm still a student, so I could be wrong and maybe this certification is really useful. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Well done Juan! You have a bright future ahead as a computer scientist!

Did you get any questions on Arrays and Collections? Also what about annotations and concurrency?

Thank you and congratulations!

Hugo Osorio wrote:Today i am trying to register to the exam,  but when selecting the date in the calendar no date Is available, it Is supposed to be available until 25th April no?, Or maybe i am doing something wrong, do i need to Pay first before to  find the appointment?

Maybe there are no available slots anymore. Your best option is to refresh now and then on the calendar page and hopefully, a slot will become available for the same day. Good luck.
Really sorry to hear that. Hopefully it was the discounted exam. As you said regardless of the certification you have gained knowledge now and you are a better developer!

May I ask you what kind of question you had in the exam? Which topics and if they were tricky any of them?

Thanks and good luck next time!
Cheers Andrei!
Your shared experience of the exam is truly valuable! Many thanks for that!

May I ask you one last question if you remember the annotation question what was it about? It is a tricky topic.
Also for Java IO the filechannel was the only question?

Many thanks again for your assistance.
Congratulations! Well done! It is alarming that someone who scored that well on OCA8 was in trouble with this exam. I guess it is too tricky!

May I ask you whether you've got questions around concurrency/threads and JDBC?

Thanks and enjoy your new certification!
Hey Alexander,

Don't worry you are still a junior developer and for this exam definitely even experienced devs need more than two weeks. You will ace it next time!

Out of curiosity, the Java I/O API questions were challenging enough or straight forward?
Did you get any JDBC questions at all?

Thank you and good luck next time!