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Hi everyone!

I have a BigQuery table that looks like this and that can't be modified:

CountryCustomerNumber of connectionsNumber of purchasesCountry Metric 1Country Metric 2

About this table, please note that:
- Each combination of Country-Customer is unique.
- The country metrics, as their names suggest, only depend on the country.
- For some countries, some metrics are not available (NULL in the table).
- For some combinations Country-Customer, the number of connections/purchases are not available

I would like to obtain, in the same query, the following information:
- The mean of Country Metric 1 only taking into account combinations of Country-Customer having at least a number of purchases higher or equal than 2. In the example table, there are 3 combinations: Brazil-B, Brazil-C and Namibia-C. The mean should take into account Brazil only once so the result is (3 + 5) / 2 = 4.
- The mean of Country Metric 2 only taking into account combinations of Country-Customer having at least a number of connections higher than 100. There is only one combination which meets this criterion in the example table: Namibia-C. Thus, the expected result is 2000.

Those are just examples but there can be more metrics and other aggregations (sum, min, max, count...) but they should be very similar.

Here is what I've tried:

Issue: if the same country appears in multiple combinations, the same metric is taken into account multiple times.

Issue: for each country, only one combination is taken into account giving lower and random results...

Is there a way to achieve this?
1 week ago