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Recent posts by Francis Dupierre

Martin Driftovic wrote:I just received Credly badge for 1Z0-819-J so it seems they changed their policy and start issuing it through Credly as well.
It is also part of Certview now.

Same here, just received it!
And the badge looks like the standard one, not a custom one for the 25th birthday.
Hello everyone,

Has someone received his Credly (Acclaim) badge for this? I passed the exam 3 weeks ago and no news so far.
On CertView I don't have the "claim" option, just the "share" one... which is basically just a link to a (very) cheap page hosted on Oracle website.

After spending hours studying, I almost feel scammed by this deal: no "official looking" badge to claim, and it's not even the same certification code than the standard one (1Z0-819-J instead of 1Z0-819).
Even if I didn't took the certification for that, it makes me feel a bit sad.

"These commemorative badges will be issue through CertView rather than Acclaim."
I'm now wondering what's the $25 for.