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abed shms

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Recent posts by abed shms

I've posted few days ago about a problem I'm facing but i'm currently still stuck on it and can't figure it out what to do,
I have this exercise where I must use in it a recursion function that get input from reading a file and then for each alphabetic letter in the file it should turn it to the previues alphabet by 2 ( for example c becomes a, and a becomes y ...) and it should reverse the letters (abc -->yza) but i still can't figure out hot to do all of this and I also must use printf only in the main function to print the results

Note: there are symbols and numbers when reading the file and they shouldn't appear when printing the results,

now here are the codes that i tried to figure out my problem but they didn't help me:
Note : its a code in "C programming " but can't find the tag for c programming and it's my first time on the webstie
the first code :  
Note : in this code I only succesfully did make the letters change from one to another (c-->a,a-->y)

the seconde code that i tried :
Note: in this one I successfully reversed the letters but can't get my way around making a to become y and can't make an if statement that only make the program print the letters
2 days ago