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Recent posts by rahul dutt

Hello all,
please throw in u r advice..
I took up this contract to hire position a few months back. Its supposed to last 6 months as a contract and then they would eventually hire me.
Its almost three months now.. and I am starting to lose interest.. in the sense.. the company is not that exciting, even the work place sucks.
what are the implcations if I start looking for a job ??I dont want to be answerable to both the Consulting company and the client???
how is the market out there for full time oppurtunites. I have a considerable amount of experince in Software QA.( more than 5 years ) and a Masters degree in Comp science.. and a couple of java certifications.
I am starting to learn JUNIT.. please advise me in this path..
15 years ago
i have got an interview in an insurance company..
can anyone help me out regarding compliance checks.. what are they.. how do they work..
any urgency is greatly appreciated..
16 years ago
Hi ,
I passed IBM 483. Can u tell me what i can expect from IBM , i mean what will they send in the welcome package?? do i get a badge??? a Paper certificate???
Thank you
i need to have the links appear in both vertical navigation as well as horizontal navigation for a site??? what do i need to do???
thanks in advance
16 years ago
hai, thanks, but its not what i wanted.
when the form displays i need the button to be disabled by default. and when the user checks the accept terms and conditions checkbox, i want the button to be enabled.
if he unchecks the check box , we have to disable the button again.
thank you
i would like to make the submit button on a form to be dissabled by default and when the user checks a checkbox, i want the submit button to be enabled.
pretty urgent...
please help me
my manager asked me to give html templates?? what are these and how do u create them.. can anyone elaborate them..
its quite urgent..
Thank you
i got a voucher for ibm 483 yesterday on dec 12..cool..i have to start preparing for it now.. can any of u guys lead me to a single post where i can get all the info abt the exam( not the objectives, pass %age and all that stuff)but the books i have to read..
thanks in advance
hey guys,
i c a lot of people taking certifications... but are they gonna help in gettin u a job....can some one be specific if they got a job bcos of these certifications..
i think that the technical recruiters have no idea of these certifications..and unfortunately.. they are the one who get to c u r resume first..if the technical managers get to c u r resume first , probably u might get a chance.. which is not possible... it reminds me of "O"
( if there are any tech recruiters or people in higher positions who make a decision regarding hiring can u please post u r views)
can anyone enlighten me and put your valuable comments over here.. may be we can start a discussion over here...
and i recently graduated with a masters in comp science ( my undergraduate was in computer science) and had no luck in gettin a job....
where as my friends who have done their masters in civil , environmental , food technology
are in tech industry...
i think the industry has become ......., i have no words..
sorry that was 158 not 148
my bad
i got 141 and 157
still waitin for 148 and 483....
i took the tests on nov 21 at around 9 pm eastern time.. any one got these vouchers who took tests at the same time as i took...
hi guys,
i dont know whats up with the ibm guys.for 141 i got the email with the free vouvher number in 4 hrs...
for 157 it took a day.. and then
for 158 and 483 i havent recieved the vouchers yet. i took the test on nov 21 at around 9 pm EST.. any one got vouchers for 158 and 483 who took the test after me.. please post your replies