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Hi Tim,
thanks for the reply. I've fixed up the code tags, looks better, thanks for the tip.

I should have explained in the original post, that I'm running from Eclipse directly. Not deploying to the Tomcat, but running from Eclipse which uses the Tomcat server.
I've uploaded a screen shot of the Eclipse workspace.

I can get to the index.jsp page (uploaded the screen shot), but when clicking on submit button, it gives the error.

I'm not sure if it's Eclipse or a Spring framework configuration?

Just wondering if there is anything missing or add any info in the telusko-servlet.xml file:

I can make normal servlets/jsp examples in Eclipse and works fine. but, using the Spring framework from Eclipse is where it doesn't work for me.

Can you recommend any simple tutorials for beginners in Spring?

Thanks again Tim.

2 months ago
I'm trying to learn Spring framework using Eclipse, and found this tutorial:
I followed up to the 29:36 min marker and it works in the video but not for me.

It's supposed to print the following to the console(just to see if it works) : "here"
I've followed the tutorial a few times but getting error:
WARNING: No mapping found for HTTP request with URI [/DemoMVC/add] in DispatcherServlet with name 'telusko'

Here is the info prior to that:

Here is the jsp file:

the web.xml file:

The file:

The telusko-servlet.xml file located in the webapp/WEB-INF/ :

- using Eclipse IDE 2021-03(4.19.0)
- Tomcat 8.0 & tried on Tomcat 8.5

the tutorial starts out by starting maven project in Eclipse, then adds the Spring framework using maven.

I'm confused on the @RequestMapping part, and it is defined in the AddController servlet, but I'm not sure what the error comes up?

Any additional info required, let me know.
Beginner in Spring.
2 months ago