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Recent posts by Thomas Hofmann

I didn't fail but i would say YES. The test is always the same.

There is no time limit for part 2. If you need longer than one year there is only one problem. Maybe you are not able to upload your assignment! Then you first have to contact SUN to enable the upload again.

that's the sense of an DAO. Put all JDBC/SQL stuff for an Order into the OrderDAO.
here are my exp.
1) What is the average exp. that ranchers do have before taking the SCEA?
I have worked 9 years as an IT professional before I started SCEA in the fall of 2002 ( I passed it in the spring of 2003).
2) If you have a formal IT education, what is the most usefull course you had, that you think helped u doing ur job?
Software Engineering, but also coding!!
3) What is the best Architecture/design book you have ever read?
There a quite a lot! To mention a few: "Applying UML and Patterns" by Craig Larman, "Software Architecture in Practice" by Bass, "Pattern Oriented Software Architecture 1+2" by Bushmann et al, "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" by M. Fowler
4) Do you really learn a lot after the first, say 1-2 years of j2ee experiance in case you read all the patterns books (all look the same anyway) and you mainly design web apps. and thus "always the same story"
YES, but I learnt the most by doing and trying what I read - CODING!

5) PLEASE tell us about your experiances, the best architecture you have ever made, and how may design patters you usually use per project (4 or less, 4-12, more then 12)
I use J2ee since 1998 already. There were several good architectures. The patterns used vary from project to project: 4-12 patterns

6) A project failure exp. due to bad acrchitecture It does not have to be urs just some arch. u have seen (and maybe had to refactor)
Not yet. The projects that failed, failed due to weak project management and wrong process (waterfall!!!). I recommend to use iterative processes.
With MVC I meant the model 2 architecture. To support both web and application clients there are several strategies
1. application client sends requests direcly (RMI-IIOP) to the ejb tier or
2. common controler (HTTP) for both client types in the web tier.
3. Use a protocol router
Choose one and document your decision!
Take a look in to the J2EE 1.3 blueprints chapter 3 Client Tier and chapter Serving multiple client types.
Use stereotypes for the J2EE components in your component diagram(s).
Hi Laura,
be aware of the follwoing: You have to provide the architecture, no design details!
how much detail do they need in the design of these clients.
Client desing is not necessary, but provide diagrams for both web tier and ejb tier.
In the component diagram do we need to include all jsps?
Yes. JSP Pages are components of the web tier.
and what is the corresponding swing component button + button model etc?
Use MVC!
you have to provide only 4 sequence diagrams!
There were people who used Poseidon CE for SCEA partII (and passed). I missed the interface lollipop, maybe there is a workaround to draw it. So I used trial versions of TogehterControl for component ans sequence diagrams and Rational Rose for the class diagrams.
If you have little experience in desinging an J2EE architecture then part II can be tough. For part I everyone can learn. Part III ist quite easy.
No Choke! Really!
The logo I received has an oval shape. The left half is black and contains both the Java cup and the letters "JAVA". The right half is white and contains the text "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect". I passed SCEA in February this year and got the logo about six weeks later. Maybe Sun has changed the logo since March 2003?
Hmmm, mine shows "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect" ...
There's no time limit
1. Don't use CSS
2. Use your own SP number which you reveived by SUN/Prometric