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Recent posts by Ivan Mirchev

Hello all!

My name is Ivan Mirchev and I am a Back-end Software Engineer. I am also into teaching and creating online courses and that's what this topic is all about.
I noticed that over the internet there's a relatively high demand on quality practice tests/mock exams for the VMware Spring Professional Certification exam - EDU-1202.
I myself had struggles and asked here in one of the topics for decent ones, where I can test myself and see "where I am at", before trying to pass the real thing, because after all, it's not cheap.
I've bought and tried almost every practice tests there are and they lack one or more of the few important things:

- Being up to date
- Following the topics of the exam
- Being clearly asked and avoiding ambiguity, so that the student concentrate on the answers and not wondering "What exactly is the question here"
- Being in the context of the exam itself, meaning that many ask some unrelated and very detailed stuff, which are not in this exams nature
- Not being hard enough or at least close to the difficulty of the real exam
- And the most important one for me not detailed enough and often no explanations at all and references to acquire more information

For me a good practice test should match the criteria listed above, or at least most of them.
That's why after I successfully passed the exam I decided to create my own practice tests.
I started working on them as soon as I passed the exam, so I can remember how the questions were asked, how difficult were they approximately, what is the general form, etc.
To be honest I think I did pretty good work.
The thing that I am most proud of is that on each question I've provided detail explanation on the topic for it, so that the one trying to pass the exam gains some knowledge, even if he/she got the correct answer.
Further more, I've provided reference links to documentation, articles, etc., so that if by some reason my explanations are not good enough for you, you can just click the link and see other sources of information.
For me the biggest gain of practice exams is exactly that - acquiring some knowledge that was missing when you studied watching videos or reading books or articles.

I've posted the mock exams on the Udemy platform, so they are easily accessible. Further more, Udemy provides 30 days money back guarantee, so if I don't match the expectations you can always ask for a refund easily.

Here is a referral link to my course:
VMWare Spring Professional Certification Mock Exams

I know that many of you will not be very inclined to buy course without many reviews or buyers, but I encourage you to give it a chance, as I think you will learn a lot and as I said, you lose nothing.

If any questions arise I will be happy to answer here or on personal message
1 week ago
Hello all. I want to start with the good news - I passed the exam scoring 350 points.


I am not thrilled with the experience tho

The exam was relatively easy and most of the questions were single select or multiple select, but in the second case a number of correct answers is provided, which makes it easier. There were like 5-8 questions which were tricky and required logic and good understanding of the framework, by providing certain scenarios, but they are not too hard as well.

Now about the bad news.. I had problem with some of the questions. More than 5 questions as I can recall in this moment were not very correctly asked - they had ambiguity in my opinion, which could lead to uncertainty or even incorrect answer given. Further more there were some options, which were clearly considered incorrect, but the statement is partially correct, which again makes ambiguity. I could give examples for those, since I remember them, but I will spare this detail. I am just saying that to tell the ones that are going to be trying this exam to prepare very well, because they must be absolutely sure in their knowledge.. As an end I had one clearly wrong question, which was something like(Pseudo version):

Which of the statements is true? (Select one)

1 - The first two options are incorrect
2 - #{Some statement 1}
3 - The first two options are correct
4 - #{Some statement 2}

Now if you think about it, if I mark option 1 as correct I am basically saying - "Option 1 is correct, by being incorrect".. The same, but reversed, goes for Option 3 Clearly the order of the possible answers was wrong and I knew the correct answer, but since visually something is wrong, can I be sure that everything is okay behind the curtain? I contacted my proctor and lost like 15 minutes of time to try to convince them that this is a problem - no result. Anyway this was one of the last questions and I've gone through all of them for about 25-30 minutes, so I had free time to chat and try to point a clear error.

I tried this exam last year, with much less preparation and learning and had the same problems in regards to ambiguity and not very clear questioning.. I failed scoring 68%, so if I complained back then it would sound stupid and like I was making an excuse. Now I've passed the exam and I believe this is not very well made exam..
In comparison the OCAJP and OCPJP were much better as a clarity of the questions and possible answers. I've passed them relatively soon as well, so I can really make a comparison.

If somebody is interested I can share some details about the questions, from what I remember, but it would be pretty much a copy-paste of what the first post stated. One things I can add at the top of my head is to review what are the dependencies that are brought by the starter poms, because I had like 5 questions about that in different context and I am pretty sure I made a mistake on two of them, regarding spring-boot-starter-test.. So yeah, keep that in mind.
My total preparation took me like 3 weeks very hard studying, but I already have a background and some knowledge, so this might be irrelevant for somebody with little to no familiarity with Spring.

I have few questions what comes afterwards?

1 - Has somebody received some result in percentage or some kind of statistic where were his mistakes, as sections, because last year I received one of those?
2 - Also, how long does it take for you to get your badge or certification, or whatever they send, since I haven't yet received any email neither from PearsonVue or from VmWare.. The only things I got is my result report.

I hope my experience helps somebody and I am open to answer some more questions if somebody is interested. I would also be very grateful if somebody answers mine as well.
1 month ago
Hello all! This is my first comment here! I am about to make an attempt to take the exam in a few days. I've been over the Cebula's courses, Iuliana Cosmina's book, Ivan Krizsan's notes and went through some of the Cebula's mock exam questions, which are really easy once you've been through the books.
I think I should be ready, by definition, but I struggle with finding good mock exams to test myself. I've bought a mock exam set in udemy, containing of 250 questions, which were not very good IMO.
Is there some mock exam questions that any of you can refer so I can have a better understanding at "where I'm at" in my preparation?
The worst part is uncertainty which I am full of at the moment

Thanks in advance.
2 months ago