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Rakshan Premsagar

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since Aug 18, 2021
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Recent posts by Rakshan Premsagar

Hi, I have an XML as shown below:

xmlns:uax is more like a container with different types of results, may be string, int etc.

To unmarshall this XML, I have the classes written for Registry, Student and I am not sure how to code for the Value class( Also looking for help here)

But I do not understand how to code for Value class here.. However for now, it is an empty class for me.

To support for different namespaces, I saw some articles which recommended the use of package-info file with details of the namespaces.

I follow a dummy code which succesfully unmarshalls and marshalls and prints out the XML.

I get the resposne as shown below:

I get an extra namespace ns3, which should not be present. Any suggestions to overcome this please? Also how will I be able to code for the Value class?

I have a sample XML, would want to create objects and store them in a list. The XML contains the following:

I create the classes

As well as

And of course the Main program:

I want to store the objects in an internal list. I expect it to have 2 entries of id 1 and 2.

However I get the following output

Only the second entry is shown here. I believe it is getting overwritten. Could anyone provide me some insights to have both the values, please

2 months ago