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Adina Avram

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since Oct 12, 2021
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Recent posts by Adina Avram

Hi, I studied Arts,  but I want to get a job in IT, so what I did was to make a profile on Fiverr, to see what people may ask me to do if I want to do a gig, in other word, to find out what I need to learn. I applied for jobs and went for interviews to see what they request and work on that, when I got rejected I asked why and specified that the answer would help me to get a job in IT. I started  my own website where I upload my projects, I upload on Git Hub my progress, so the future employers can see my work and the chart of the days that I posted new work . The more you post, the better.
Keep in mind that the universities usually teach you skills but don't prepare you for something specific and for real life work.

The most important part is to have a portfolio and I don't mean 1 project, at list 3 or 5. If people want to hire you, in your position, the most important quality you can show is willingness to learn , or proof that you work hard:))

I am the same, work a full time different job and in my spare time practice coding and one piece of advice, don't think what would be enough for an interview, think how to impress them :))
One friend of mine who started late in life a programming carrier he said that he impressed his future employer with a few eye caching things on his app. So, think how to make your projects to stand out.
And yes, my advice is to keep the job, and work in your spare time on portfolio to get a job that you want.
1 week ago
I recently seen a few jobs with .net, and I haven't started yet a coding career, so I am trying my best to learn everything that would look good on my cv and that I would enjoy working with. I studied until now HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT and I would like to study something for back end and seemed to me that with .net I can get more jobs than with PHP. But when I looked up .net, many things came up .net, .net core, .net framework so I am totally lost. On the job description that I've seen was specified only .net.

Please direct me towards other platforms where I can ask this question in case here is not allowed.

2 weeks ago