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Recent posts by vijay

Dear friends,
I am an electronics engineer from India. Presently i am working in a multinational company,but unfortunately not in the I.T sector.
I earn Rs 10,000/- per month ( U.S $250/-) which is not bad according to indian standards.
I have sound logic and was good at assembly and c language during my college days. Presently I have started studying Java on my own. I am planning to appear for the SJPC shortly.I wish to leave my present job as it is not creative and there is lot of politics involved. Can Java make my life happier!
After getting a SJPC certificate will i get a Job inspite of the fact that I have no professional experience in Java Programming. I really do not wish to fake an experience which some of my friends have done to secure a job.
So can i Leave my job and devote full time day and night studying Java and keep my hopes alive!
Please guide me.
21 years ago
I have a friend who just cleared his SJPC last week.
He told me that there are some Multiple Choice questions
(Check Box type) wherein none of the answer is a right answer,
and also there is no check box specifing that none of the
above is true.
Does this mean that the correct response to such a question
would be to leave the question unanswered.
Congratulations....Now get the best pay...Wish u all the best!!
We are two friends preparing together for the exam.
Its almost 15 days since we have started Java. I would like to
know whether is it really necessary to practice writing Java
programs and compiling and running them on a PC or simply cramming is sufficient to clear the SJPC.
PS : once again :
21 years ago