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Recent posts by prav een

Yes, i have gone through the apache james website but couldnt find help info. The problem is the DB tables in v2.3 are different that in v3.8, like the 'users' table in v2.3 is now 'james_users' in v3.8. Similarly their used to be virtualusertable, spool, deadletter table which are no more available in v3.8. In v2.3 any email that is inbound or outbound would first arrive into spool table, validated and then sent to inbox (for inbound) and if errored email would be moved to deadletter table. But in v3.8 its not the behaviour (my assumption) since their is no more spool or deadletter tables exist. In v3.8 there are many other tables which i am not sure of usage as there are no emails or any data exists (as tested).
Need help with understanding the apache james server v3.8.
I am currently working on upgrading the james server from v2.3 to v3.8 and need in understanding how the Database tables are used or handled internally within james.
I havent worked on v2.3 but looking at the DB tables created, their used to be inbox, spool, deadletter tables apart from couple other tables, but in v3.8 i see these tables are no more their and their is only james_mail table which seems a replacement of inbox.
-Can anyone help me understanding in v3.8 how to deal with the missing spool & deadletter tables. Do v3.8 has any internal mechanism to deal them internally?
-How in v3.8 the failed emails or unsent emails are handled, as in v2.3 they used to be moved to deadletter table.
-In the james_mail table of v3.8, their is always atleast 1 record of the mail is retained even though the mail is delivered to the inbox of the client, is their a setting in v3.8 for the mail be deleted once the mail is in the inbox of the client?

I have googled a lot to see if their is any understanding document of v3.8 on how the new DB structure works but havent found anything that details of how to handle or get to knw the new DB structure. Can anyone help?
No i do not count the spaces, the file with the data string(with spaces) is read as is and without any manipulation is persisted to DB (I am using hibernate JPA). When i check the postgres DB via pgAdmin for the data stored, most of the string data spaces(inbetween data) are trimmed off, and the same when looked in the browser also showed the trimmed spaces data whcih looks distored as shown earlier above. I really dont understand why Java while persisting to DB is trimming the spaces between the data string.
@Tim Holloway - Thanks for your response. So its either the way how the browser behaves or the way its read in java and stored in DB with the interim spaces removed. . Seems there is no other solution ?
@Paul Clapham - Thanks for your response. Before saving to DB in the file the space between PPTPC and 1605 is '25' , but after persisting to DB the spaces between them is '7'. Also note that the spaces is not alway 25 in file, it may be more or less.
@Bear Bibeault - Thanks for your response. By 'formatted' i meant the way i am receiving the data in the file as shown above with proper spaces. But when this data from the file is persisted to DB much of the inbetween spaces are removed and the strings are bought bit closer and the data is distorted as seen above in the 2nd table. The data is as what i see in the DB saved table column even before i retrieve it for display. So seems somewhere between the DAO & DB the spaces are getting removed and i suspect the JDBC driver behaviour of trimming the spaces.

@Ron McLeod - Thanks for your response. The data that i have shown above on 2nd table with distorted / trimmed spaces data is from the DB itself. Its the way its getting saved into the DB. I suspect something with the driver behaviour.

I am not sure how to control this behaviour of java trimming the spaces in middle of the string data.
Before Saving to DB as seen String in file:
USERR1_RESIGNT_PPTPC                 1605                                  1605                                 0                                         0%
USERR1_RESIGNT_SV                        10538                                10457                              81                                       .769%

After String data is persisted to DB:
USERR1_RESIGNT_PPTPC        1605        1605           0    0%
USERR1_RESIGNT_SV       10538       10457          81    .769%
I have a simple but weird issue, i have a formatted single string with spaces something as below in a text file which is read and stored to DB all in one column as its a single string. I use postgres DB and using springboot hibernate JPA to store to DB.
USERR1_RESIGNT_PPTPC                 1605                                  1605                                 0                                         0%
USERR1_RESIGNT_SV                        10538                                10457                              81                                       .769%

But when this is stored to DB, the raw format with spaces is lost and couple of spaces are removed as below. So when this is retrieved to display to UI the view is distorted. I understand we can format this string to put it formatted but want to know if there is a way to keep the raw format as above without losing the spaces as below.
USERR1_RESIGNT_PPTPC        1605        1605           0    0%
USERR1_RESIGNT_SV       10538       10457          81    .769%
This sounds to be silly but I am facing this weird issue.
I have a javascript file that has function A,B &C, where A calls B & that calls C by passing an the Object that has multiple values in it.
My problem is when Object say 'a' when passed from function A to its subsequent function B and then to function C, the values are not getting accessible. when i try to get them as object.value ( i get as undefined or as object.
Its really confusing and weird, can someone help me with a fix. there are more than 10 values in the object and i cannot pass each of them to the subsequent function and hence passing the whole object but looks like the object gets lost when passed to its subsequent function. Is this a javascript behaviour or am i missing or misplacing something? Your help is greatly appreciated.


function A(a){

function B(b){

function C(c){

AVal1= user1
AVal2= 11223

BVal1= user1
BVal2= 11223

CVal1= undefined
CVal2= undefined

2 years ago