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Recent posts by Pooja Gupta

I am trying to programatically kill Tomcat7.exe service. The command runs successfully when run directly from Command Prompt (when run as an Administrator), but gives error when I try to program it using ProcessBuilder.

The command I amd trying to run is : Taskkill /F /IM tomcat7.exe

The code I am using is:

8 years ago
I am trying to run eclipse galileo on 32 bits windows 7, everything works fine except the debugger. I tried the following steps as well but it did not work.

Steps I tried:
1")Switched off the Zone Alarm Firewall
2) Switched off my Norton Internet Security suite
3) Switched off the UAC
4) Started eclipse with"Run as an Administrator" option

I got the following error trace.

Error trace:
java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=en_US
Framework arguments: -product org.eclipse.epp.package.jee.product
Command-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86 -product org.eclipse.epp.package.jee.product

Mon May 02 16:23:16 IST 2011
Cannot find a free socket for the debugger

I also tried re-installing Eclipse. This time I installed Eclipse Helios SR-1. I tested debugging my project, it worked. We use SVN as repository in my company. So I went ahead and installed the SVN plugins and connector. After linking the code to SVN, if I try to run my debugger now, I get the same error back "cannot find a free socket for debugger".

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance
13 years ago

I have developed a web based application using Netbeans visual web pack. I have a visua webpack table component on the page, that contains a hyperlink. I am executing a javascript on the hyperlink click, but wisual webpack adds the following code automatically after the javascript method call:

return webuijsf.suntheme.hyperlink.submit(this, 'form1', null);

The hyperlink.submit call makes an unnecessary server trip, which I need to aoid. Any help on this would be appreciated.

16 years ago

I have a sun SCWCD exam voucher that is expiring on 30th September 2006. I am going out of country for 6 months for a family emergency, I cannot use this voucher outside USA. If anyone is planning to give the certification before september 30th then I can give this voucher for $140.00

If interested , mail me at
18 years ago

Is HF Java book totally SCJP oriented OR does it cover the Java concepts in the HF series way? Any ideas.

19 years ago
According to whatever i've learnt , an exception can either be declared or catched...both the ways make no difference but implementing one is a must.

Hi Ajay,

code 1:

x=1; x<<1; System.out.println(x);


code 2:

x=1; x<<31; System.out.println(x);


Code 1 returns 2 as answer and code 2 returns a negative value because left shift just performs the shift but dosent preserve the MSB. Its the right shift operator ">>" that preservs the MSB and if you want simple right shift operator that dosent preserve the MSB, you can make use of operator ">>>" which is called "unsigned right shift " operator. Hope this helps.

One of the answers/question say:

"The enterprise bean must not attempt to define a class in a package. This function is reserved for the EJB Container. Allowing the enterprise bean to perform this function would create a security hole."

What does this mean?

One of the answers explanation says " A transaction is not rolled backed by the container as a result of a system exception thrown when the transaction runs with an unspecified transaction context and also when a bean is declared with bean-managed transaction demaraction. "

Now, in HF book (page 534), it's written that container will always roll back the exception once a system exception is thrown. It doesn't say any thing about whether it is BMT/CMT. Which is correct - HF or ejbCertificate exam?

One of the answers to a select the right statement (radio button) is:

The system administrator is responsible for adding, removing and configuring resource managers in the EJB environment.

is this correct? i thought deployer should be responsible for this.

Which one of the following is a responsibility of the EJB Container with regards to EJB security?
Answer & explanation given is:
The EJB Container is required to provide a security domain and one or more principal realms to the enterprise bean's.

Answer 1 is correct, the EJB Container provides a security domain and one or more principal realms to the enterprise bean's. The EJB architecture does not specify how an EJB Server should implement a security domain, and does not define the scope of a security domain. A security domain can be implemented, managed, and administered by the EJB Server. The EJB Server can, but is not required to, provide support for multiple security domains, and/or multiple principal realms.

My doubt is on page 623 HF book, it says that EJB 2.0 container is only required to give "one security domain and one principal realm (multiple realm is not guaranteed)".

What is correct? Also, is there any difference between ejb 2.0 container and ejb 2.0 server because I see both terms used in ejbcertificate exam.


Can you suggest of a decent web app i should build? or a web site that can give me some links of creating a web should I go about it.

19 years ago
sorry for the similie,that i did by mistake,hope u dont mind
Thanks alot Joyce
Hi everybody,

I just started preparing for the SCJP exam and planning to give it by the end of this month.I am preparing from Cathy's book. I am already half way through. Just wanted to give some mocks to have an idea about the speed and the exam questions,but i wanted some site that has questions from limited topics but jumbled up. I saw Dan's site for topic wise exams but i want to solve mixed questions from 3-4 topics. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance