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Well said Agni. I agree with you and Bert
[ February 28, 2005: Message edited by: Jagan Jakilinki ]
i passed the SCWCD 1.3 with 88%...

i prepared for this exam few months back...i did the real exam prepn for 2 days just before taking the exam...

i felt the exam was easy...offcourse it contradicts my 88%...m cool with it...

its the book by Deshmukh and Malavia...very good book...after the read this book couple of times, the exam was a cruise...

offcourse mock exams is the place which brings in all together...a must...

i really like and thank the excitement and enthusism shown in javaranch...great place to hang out...

m hopping next towards SCBCD

thanx again...

15 years ago
the best reference which i found is in HTMLHelp format for the JDK1.4 documentation...very very is the link to download the help...

Congratulations for ur cool score...
I am taking the exam on this can u please provide me any last minute tips...also any specific mock exams u recommend?...
17 years ago
This is what I got when I compiled the code:
Compiler Error :
reference to m is ambiguous; both method m(B, B) in class test1 and method m(A, C) in class C