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Recent posts by Jeroen Wenting

There are many cases where creating something is outside the scope of an application but updating is not.

In the scope of a reservation system for say a cruise liner the reservation application would be able to list a cabin as booked by a person for a period of time but be unable to create a new cabin.
1) it's not urgent to me
2) it's extremely rude to allude you're more important than others by claiming your problems are more important than theirs
3) if it's so urgent you could have saved yourself a lot of time by researching your own answer as this has been asked and answered too often to keep count.
Do your own homework.
18 years ago
run it another few thousand times

Remember you're talking about threading issues. Very little is guaranteed to happen.
Sounds familiar. Friend of mine once almost got everything he owned confiscated because his landlord was years behind paying his taxes.
Collection agency came by HIS apartment because the landlord had given that as his residence, they wouldn't budge until they found out where the guy really was located and found enough goodies there to make the trip worthwhile.
18 years ago
Once 5 of any word are printed that loop will always complete.
Only in the very special case where one thread interrupts the other after the word has been printed but before the counter has been increased can a 6th word be printed and that will always be a different one.
all of the above?
18 years ago
Even natives can't get a job in Europe
18 years ago
yup, you're trying to use a classfile compiled with a 1.5 compiler using a 1.4 (or earlier) rmic.
That's not going to work, just as you can't run that 1.5 classfile with earlier JVMs.
18 years ago
H1 is for people with irreplacable skills that can't be found among the US workforce.
There's tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people with your skillset and experience level out of a job in the US.
That means that if they get you an H1 at all it's most likely on false pretenses. It also means that they're likely going to pay you far less than a US person would get which is illegal.
Even more likely they're going to make you pay for the H1, then dump you in the US with a contract that says you will get paid only when you work, but not provide you a job (leaving that up to you). That too is illegal.
18 years ago
I think Amazon has them. Do make sure your network supports the specific phone though, some networks still haven't learned about free markets and block any phone not sold by them.
18 years ago
B is correct. The word is implicitly.
A final class cannot be subclassed therefore there's no way to override its methods anywhere. Not being allowed/capable to override a method is the definition of a final method.
bad in the short term, good in the long run
So dump that woman and go hunting for a replacement, but don't give up if it doesn't work out immediately
18 years ago
If you're not ready for the exam, you're not ready for the exam.
You seem to be interested only in cramming and passing the exam for the sake of passing it, not for the sake of learning from your studies.

That's the wrong attitude and I don't see why we, who DO care about learning and applying Java to realworld problems, should be interested in helping people whose efforts degrade the value of the certification we work hard to get like you're doing.
if that's all. I share a birthday with Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goering, and Pieter Botha (not joking).
18 years ago
You'd better not move over here then. They're the standard form where I live.
18 years ago