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Recent posts by Balaji Natarajan

Thanks for the link. The original site itself is up now
Do we have an alternate site for MZ's guide??

The given url says "You don't have permission to access /wsd-guide/ on this server."
Hi Harsha

Thanks for your response. I got your point

Assume an xml instance as below

<purchaseorder name="testBook"



In the above instance, what will be namespace for the <order> and <numofpages> elements??

will numofpages belong to the namespace "book" as it is nested inside that??

94% is really a gud score and it seems that you have scrored it with just a months preparation.

I even remember you posts regarding the SCBCD and SCJP scores.

You are very consistent in scoring a 90+ in all of these.

ALL THE BEST for your IBM certification.

CONGRATS on gettting an amazing score.

You shoud have put really a great effort to score 94%. becase u r saying that u lost the touch with EJB an year back.

12-14 hrs a day is really a g8 should have missed doing your regular activities like going to gym etc.,

Any plans of taking of J2EA in the near future.
16 years ago
Thanks for ur suggestion.

I have installed that, But I could not get the list of parameters and their values in that...

There are four tabs..
1. Headers
2. Generator
3. Config
4. About.

Any pointer to where I should look for the request parameter and what pattern I should look into will be of g8 help.
16 years ago
I don't know whether this is the correct forum to ask this question..But I feel this wud be the most appropriate one where I can raise this question.

Is there any tool/plugin to any of the below browsers, which can display all the parameters along with their values coming in with the request.

I am using IE, Netscape and Mozilla. It is enuf if there is a plugin which works with any one of these browsers.

Thanks in Advance
16 years ago
I thank you all for ur valuable information...As per ur advice I am planning to write SCWCD first...Will be taking this exam in the first week of March...To start with I have bought the Head First servlets and JSP book.

Any suggestions or recommendations on my plan wud be of g8 help.
17 years ago
As for as I know, I have a good knowledge on Java and EJB. I haven't xplored the JSP and Servlets much. I Also want to start learning the Struts framework.

Please suggest some good books, sites and a method to complete this xploration successively atleast to some extent.
17 years ago
thanks Valentin and Shankar its clear now.

me too have the same doubt.

From the above post may i conclude that the business methods of a stateless session bean should not depend on the instance variables of the bean and it should depend only on the input parameters.

Please tell me whether the data will get deleted in the database on calling the remove() on the collection returned in the EntityBean below.

public abstract class CustomerBean implements javax.ejb.EntityBean {
public void addPhoneNumber(String number, byte type)
throws NamingException, CreateException {
InitialContext jndiEnc = new InitialContext();
PhoneHomeLocal phoneHome = (PhoneHomeLocal)
PhoneLocal phone = phoneHome.create(number,type);
Collection phoneNumbers = this.getPhoneNumbers();

public void removePhoneNumber(byte typeToRemove) {
Collection phoneNumbers = this.getPhoneNumbers();
Iterator iterator = phoneNumbers.iterator();
PhoneLocal phone = (PhoneLocal);
if (phone.getType() == typeToRemove) {

public abstract java.util.Collection getPhoneNumbers( );
public abstract void setPhoneNumbers(java.util.Collection phones);

CONGRATS Constantino Cronemberger !! Thats is an amazing score.
kindly brief us on how u prepared for the SCBCD exam !!
17 years ago
I am getting this exception while executing this statement,0,length);
where "in" is "InputStream" Io exception: Invalid Packet Lenght
at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.SQLToIOException(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleBlobInputStream.needBytes(OracleBlobInputStr

What could be the reason for this. Please help me in resolving this.