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Recent posts by keerti pai

I received voucher for 287 today.
There is nothing wrong with yahoo/hotmail. I have registered with my yahoo id and have got my vouchers all the time.
287 has couple of questions from 158, and 158 sample questions available on javaranch.
I think we have to study WAS 5.0 handbook(redbook) for 287. They have specified one more reference for EJB, but I could not find that red book on IBM site.
There is another good book, professional WAS 5.0 by IBM Websphere architects from wrox press.
Good luck to everyone who is preparing...
Keerti Pai.
If you are following that article I think you might have missed one of these. So please check.
1. Check if you have following entry in web.xml
2. Check if you have in WEB-INF\classes\test\struts
3. Check if you have defind following key in the same properties file
title.login=Login Screen
Keerti Pai.
IBM certified solution developer(WSAD)
16 years ago
Questions on struts
1. Simple questions may include about different components of struts framework, how do you create ActionForm, ActionServlet class etc.
2.Using Resource Bundles, internationalizing (i18n), where do you place the properties file, what changes you have to make in struts-config file.
3.Action errors: how do you handle errors? how do you store errors and display them ,<html:errors/> tag, validate method.
4.How do you access bean properties in the form?, about <bean:/write> , how do you access a Vector or ArrayList(iterate tag ).
5.How do you use Value Objects? , How do you access database? Etc.
6.Use of Execute/perform method.
You can visit for information about struts and other open source resources.
Good Luck!
Keerti Pai.
16 years ago
I studied the HELP documentation and two red books...WSAD self study guide and Programming guide.
You can get some info on MVC in chapter 8.3 of WSAD programming guide.
In the actual exam(157) I got most of the questions from HELP docs itself.
Keerti Pai.
IBM Certified Solution Developer - WSAD