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Recent posts by roy shao

In fact, i don't care how this assignment's arthetecture steady, how the logical reasonable, how the performance good, i just care Sun will not deduct my score about this.
Maybe we shall see the guys solution who already passed the exam ?
Personally, though i prefer put business logical at server side, but according Sun's instruction, i will put it at Client.
Hope hear more advice about this point, thanks before hand.
Hi, then i guess it is not a better way compare with putting them at Server side, especially, the network traffic will be increased.
originally, put business at Server, if Client book one seat, just need one call, such as bookSeats(), between Server and client; now, you need back and forth send data between C/S , lock(), read().....
i am afraid that will Sun cut off the score about this ? I hope to hear more comments about this.
Thank you!
[This message has been edited by roy shao (edited April 17, 2001).]
from the common consideration, i think the book seat logical shall be put at Server, client just need call one function such as bookSeats() or sth, but at Sun instruction, Data Client need implement all public method of Data class.
Then, if lock() read() ... is at Client, the sequence "lock read modify ..." shall be done at Client ?
thanks for comments in advance.
thanks, then i will wonder this: if record No.1 lock and No2 lock is not mutex, at the file I/O level, when write to file, need thread safe ? i.e. write to No1, No.2 record at same time will bring any problem ?
I think Ruilin's meaning is:
when publish the RMI server, need extra RMI configration on the server site, for example, need it setup a web server to provide the classes to download for client.

I am not quite sure about it, but i guess if you put all classes needed at client in client package, you need not setup the web server/file server to let client download it.
if client A modified record No.1, and client B also modified record No.1, the B should be blocked,
and if Client B is modifying not record No.1, such as record No.2, then client B need not be blocked ?
is my understanding correct ? please clear my idea about it.
Thank you !
They are really help, so thanks , bow.

I hope that helps.[/B]

21 years ago
i know it, but though search engine, there are numorous site contains CORBA, and Sun site just get very few guide about CORBA, i want guru recommend some excellent site/resource to learn CORBA fast !
21 years ago
hi, how can i begin the way to CORBA ?
would you please give me some excellent learn resource ?
links, free e-books, toturials ...
21 years ago
it seems very few man know Cool Joe,
but Cafe is well know.
Forte is a good thing, go to Sun site to find this Cool, Free, open source , newest IDE for java...
is there any one found J2ee Developer guide 's sample (at J2EE_home/Doc ....) "cart" cannot work ?
get next error:
Caught an unexpected exception!
java.lang.ClassCastException at (
at javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject.narrow (
at CartClient.main(
hi, Scott,
really appreciate your kind answer.
up to the exam form, even a green hand of java can make sufficient preparation for the assignment, and do it all by self at last. from this point, is it too easy to pass the SCJD ? so i wander if anyone failed in SCJD exam ?
Have some simple questions.
1. First part of SCJP, assignment completement time is no limit, then is it OK that i take the assignment firt, use long time(several month) to study the case, then hand up ?
2. What kind of the assay question in second part ? is it hard to pass it ?
3. Are there anyone to take the SCJD exam failed ? or everyone take it can pass ?
4. How Deeply need i grasp the Java ? I have get more than one year java programming experience, did JDBC/RMI/GUI before. I wanna know how much i still need to learn and how deep need to learn ?
5. In assignment, use pure JDK to do , or can use IDE like JBuilder, Visual Age, Forte ... Will it effect my socre.
6. A extra question: if you use pure jdk to develop java application(not IDE), you use JDB debug the applicaion or other ?
Sorry for asked so many questions. Waiting for your kind answer !