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Originally posted by Scott Duffy:
You can take the IBM 486 test without have any other certifications. If you pay the fee, you can take the test.
The IBM 486 test is part of the "IBM Certified Solution Developer - IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer for Windows, V4.0.3" certification. (Geez, IBM, can't you name your certifications a little better.)
To get that certification, you must pass three exams:
1. IBM 486 - UML
2. SJCP - Java 2
3. IBM 157 - Websphere for Windows V4.0.3
These exams can be taken in any order.

Hi... Good morning.
I am very much interested in this exam. I could see most of the details in site can pl. provide with the following info. I am a developer in java with apprx 1 year exp.
1) Whatz the approx. time needed for prepearation
2) Is the material listed in site ie. books r sufficient or need any other courses
3) whatz the price tag for the exam
4) any offeres in are available for the same
5) where is the nearest center in India, Hyderabad
thank you in advance