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Hi Sankar,

Good luck for your JSF project .

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16 years ago
Thanks Karthik , I managed to make the change to work.
Here it is.

This really works fine.
Thank you.
Thank you so much Karthik..... problem is halfway solved.
But it's printing me "This is my null quote null"
Any idea how to overcome this. ?
Thanks in advance.
You are right. As you mentioned I have typed a quick example here. It should have been a InputStream.
Has it happend to anyone ....? Please help ... I'm really stucked.
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I'm trying to parse a xml document which is going to have a entity references such as & quot; & nbsp; etc.. as Node values.
But when I try to get the node value with the getNodeValue() method of the Node object, it's not giving me the complete content.
Ex :

[Note : I have not typed the entity reference charectors properly here since it's converting it to it's representation.]
Please help.
Thanks in advance.
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Is bridge2java free to use in production?
19 years ago
Hi All,
I'm having a problem with regard to access a Microsoft COM object from JSP pages, which is interfacing to some database tables and providing some Encryption / Decryption mechanisms.
There are two possibilities that has been considered by my manager.
1) Access the COM object with a ASP and access that ASP in the JSP.
2) Use SOAP and access the COM object directly from a bean and use the bean in the JSP.
From the above two methods, I like to implement the 2nd option. But I need to have a enough clues to convince my manager.
I would appreciate if anyone could lit a light on this....
19 years ago
Oracle has released the Beeta version of the JDeveloper 9i for free download.Also they have promissed to releas the final version during December and they are telling it's also free for download.
you can check the discussion on this at ,
Oracle9i JDeveloper BETA available for download

This release has lot of features integrated with it, like UML Modeling including revearse engineering , integrated code profiling , Code coach utility (Much related to the Refactoring) and many more.
This version has facility to one step deplyments of J2EE components in the Oracle Application Server.They alos promissed to deliver the integrations with the other popular J2EE application servers like WebLogic and WebSphere with the final release , which I'm thinking as essentials.
I'm a JBuilder lover and after I downloaded & used this one I started to fall in love with it
you can download it here ,
JDeveloper 9i Beeta Free Download

About the features ,

About JDeveloper 9i Beeta

Hi Alan,
Thank you so much for your clear explanation.

Shan Karawita
Hi Alan,
First of all welcome to the Javaranch ..
I have few qeustions about the patterns.
1) How do we apply patterns on logical level class diagram when we decompose it to implimentation level class diagram.
2) If we're going to use EJB's, what is the help we can get from patterns,when we're going to decide which classes should be session beans & which classes should be entity beans.
3) What's the best stage of applying patterns on design.when conceptual model decomposing in to logical phase or logical phase decomposing in to implimentation desing.
4) In the analysis stage of a system , is it necesary of knowing patterns & start the design keeping all the patterns in mind ?

Thanks In advance
Shan Karawita
is it possible to create entity bean(CMP) without having a database table (I am using WebLogic 6.0), if it is possible How?
Hi Krishna,
Thank you for posting such nice article here.I think from this article threads heading like "JAVA IS DEAD" getting real reply.

Initial surveys have shown that only a small portion of developers intend to try Microsoft Corp.'s C# language, which is relatively new, and those developers will predominantly be ones already using Microsoft programming languages

From this part people who are having doubts like "JAVA OR C#" getting solid reply.
Thanks again Krishna,
Shan Karawita
20 years ago
Hi slagy ,
I think my experience of configuring the startup classes in weblogic (ver 6.0) would help you.I have done the exact thing for one of my project ( I have defined a startup classes to make connection pools for two lagacy systems & it works fine ).I will tell you the steps that I followed during my configuration & deployment....

(1) First I have created the .jar (xxxxxx.jar)file including
all the class files (including the package structure ,
startup classes & including EJB's).

2) Then I created the ejbc file ,

java weblogic.ejbc � [xxxxxx.jar] � [yyyyyy.jar]

3) Then I deployed the yyyyyy.jar file in the weblogic ,
(simply copied the yyyyyy.jar file into \bea\wlserver6.0
\config\mydomain\applications directory)

4) You have to specify the class path to this directory & to
my yyyyyy.jar file in startWebLogic.cmd file.

5) Then start the weblogic server.

6) Then in the browser you have to get the console,
(http://[your server's Ip]:7001/console)

7) From the left hand side , click on the tree..
Deployments --> Startup & Shutdown

8) Then from the right Window click,

Create a new Startup Class...

9) In configuration tab , you should enter the name to your
startup class in the first text field, in the second text
field enter the path to your startup class ,
Ex . MyPackage.MyStartup (This should be inthe yyyyyy.jar
file) and keep the third field blank if you don't have any
arguments to be specify.Then click Create Button

10) Then select the Targets tab .Then you can see another
tab pane including Servers and Clusters.In
the Servers tab select your server (Ex : myserver) & put it
in the Choosen window by clicking the Arrow & press

Now you are ready to re-start the server & see the
beauty of you startup classes working....
Hope this will help you,

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Hi everybody,
What I can't understand is why these people are worrying too much about the future of JAVA.Actually I can't say anything about the JAVA's future, but the present is not too bad for me.I'm living in Sri Lanka & working as JAVA developer (In Asia's leading software company which develop software for Europe , Scandanavian Countries , Japan , etc.).In our division there are about 30 JAVA people & all of them are SCJP2's (All together there are more than 600 developers working for my company & the others are working on MS technologies , Oracle , C++ , Lotus Notes , etc).Our company has funded for all the people for their SCJP certification & pushing us to do the Developer exam & the Architect exams.We have almost finished two huge JAVA projects (With J2EE Architect & WebLogic) for Norway's leading airline company (We have written EJB components to interface the main frames call AMADEUS & TANDEM) we will be getting more JAVA projects from the same client for next 2 years.Also we have got 2 huge (mulitmillion $ )JAVA projects from Japan( One of the worlds leading telecommunication company) while we gotonly one project for Pro C from them & there are lot of JAVA prjects yet to come.So I can't see any dark clouds upon the JAVA's future.
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20 years ago
Sandeep ,
Thank you so much for your information.