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Recent posts by K Huang

Hi, Cameron:

I am wondering if I run Vista, will 4G enough?


14 years ago
Cameron's book is great! I learned a lot from it and easily passed the test.
15 years ago

I have Eric your book! Ajax In Action. I bought it a few weeks ago but did not start reading it yet.

Please let me know which framework is most popular? Like J2EE MVC has many frameworks, I learned only Struts, but I feel it is good enough to have it on my resume.

Thanks again!

Our company just decide to use Rico. I do hope it is worthwhile to learn it. I am afraid that it is not popular. Then I will have to learn another framework when I go to other company.

Can you let me know if I learn Rico, will it help me a lot to learn other frameworks? Like I learned C++, though I am not using it anymore, but it does help me to learn Java faster. I would not consider it is a waste. Or different frameworks are really very different. Is the experience on Rico useful if I have to use other framework?

Thanks a lot!
Dear Author:

As an expert, you probably has your opinion about which framework is the best. I do hopt to learn just one framework and can be used to apply many jobs. Like learning a popular MVC framework, Struts. With this skill, I can apply many jobs.


I got a project to work on WebLogic 5.1 (yes, it is 5.1). All I have is Eclipse 3.0 just downloaded. How can I configure this bare-bone stuff to work for WebLogic server ?
Please help !
Thanks a lot !
I just pass the certification 361/400.
I passed SCBCD a few months ago but I found Sun only offers a generic logo.
I would like to put different logos on my resume, not several same generic logos.
Please post it here if you have the old SCJD logo. Thanks a lot !
In our current project, we are using Struts, Spring, AppFuse and Hibernate all together. Spring may not replace Struts. But it is good to work with Struts.
I found job market for Spring developer is pretty good in my area(a bid city in US midwest). But I am not sure how about other places. Any idea ?
Do u think the Spring Book of Rod will be as good as his other books ? Should we wait for it or get ProSpring now ?
Thanks !

Looks like many technologies can be used together, but I cannot expect just by reading a book to learn them all. I believe sooner or later AppFuse will grow big enough, then it will deserve a whole book to cover it.

I found out the the job market for Spring is very good now. Invest on it is worthwhile.
That is good. AppFuse is not too complicate. On-line doc should be enough.
I just start a new job using AppFuse with Spring, Struts,....
I am wondering if this book "ProSpring" has other related technologies besides Spring ? I feel there are many nice stuff are all combined together. Hopefully I don't have to read too many books to learn them.
SF Bay, San Jose, California.
Please, anybody live there ? How is the J2EE job market there ?
16 years ago
I feel job market in Chicago area is good. But Chicago is so cold. I really want to move to Bay Area. How is the job market there ?
16 years ago