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Recent posts by Nick Lee

I'm using grad Layout now

I don't know validate(), what's class method is this?
16 years ago
I use swing JFrame now,and want to activate another Frame after press the button on the original one, but my program ran very wield, that my new frame showed up but I can not see anything on it. But if I move the size of the frame, then everything on the frame showed up.

could any of you guys can figure out what's wrong with me Frame?

I used setVisible(true) and setSize(300, 300) in the end of frame launch mathod.
16 years ago
Thanks Andrew,and I wanna also say thanks to TQ and many other precusers,thanks all.
18 years ago
I got my result today,it's 362/400,and here is my detail.
This report shows the total 1.4 SCJD points that could have been awarded in each section, and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible score is 400; the minimum to pass is 320. General Considerations (maximum = 100): 99 Documentation (maximum = 70): 70 O-O Design (maximum = 30): 27 GUI (maximum = 40): 35 Locking (maximum = 80): 51 Data store (maximum = 40): 40 Network server (maximum = 40): 40

Thanks for everybody here! Your suggestion is very helpful to me.
I'm very glad,cos I'm not a English-speaking people
18 years ago
Hmm,I think the location doesn't need to be configed,cos ur db file should be placed beside ur jar file,so,only file name,server port and server ip should be configed(my oponion).
I've uploaded my assignment URLyBird 1.2.3 for 3 days and will take the essay exam next week.I'm confident to pass it,but still need god's bless
Thanks everybody's help with me recent months.
I think only one file is enough,you can keep all the info(params) inside it.I've finished working on that function and it works well.
hope helpful.
hi all,
I wanna update my MENIFEST.MF file to add a single line:
Main-class: package.classname
but,when I update the file,and re-jar the folder,i found it hasn't been updated,seems the .MF file is renewed.
so,how to write a line in .MF file,and make my jar file runable?
thanks alot.
18 years ago
hi Bear,

Am I missing something? Why not just use:
java -jar jarfile.jar

This is the order,I must run my app.jar in that mode.
18 years ago
hi Naren,

When you make a jar file consisting of various java class files, you can identify one of them having the main() method using
Main-Class: classname
in the manifest. So when you execute 'java -jar yourapp.jar', the entry point is the main method in the class you mentioned in the manifest.

I know this,and problems now is I must run with this line:java -jar myjar.jar [mode].
[mode] which decide some runing sequence has been writen in the main method in the mainclass.
I wanna know if how to get the [mode] param from the command line to use in the main() of mainclass with a .property file.
All above is an order,I must follow it.
Am I desc it clearly?I'm a Chinese guy,sorry for my english :-)
18 years ago
hi all,
now,I wanna run a program with this command:
java -jar runme.jar [mode]
I need use .property file to config this args.Can anybody tell how to deal with this?
18 years ago
Thanks Philippe,very helpful,and I'll try my best to introduce my assignment to them.
thanks Andrew,it's very helpful,and I know how to finish it now.
Best Regard.
Should I introduce my work in very detail? like how to implement the record search function and...what is my client design?
God how to write it!
I'm a Chinese guy,and now I'm writing my Choices.txt doc.My English is poor,sometimes,I can't express myself clearly and fluently.I wonder if Sun will misunderstand somewhere in my assignment or for my poor doc,give me a low score .
Can anybody give me some suggestion about it?
Thanks in advance.