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Recent posts by Bhaskar Bantupalli

Why does the program print 0 and 10? (0 from A, 10 from C)
1 month ago

have you read or heard somewhere that an O(N) solution is possible?

- yes
Based on the time limits and input limits on the problem, the problem if solved cannot be O(n^2). and based on below solutions which I didn't understand much, I thought it is O(n) - 12th solution and code

6 months ago

Why are you using StringTokenizer, and InputStreamReader, which are regarded as legacy code?

I have been using a template for online problem solving. I haven't changed it in years. Which API do you recommend that works for java 8 and 8+ alike

I think you may get more attention if I add you to one of our other fora.

Please add me. Can you say what the other forum is?

6 months ago
Problem link: Distint Substrings

I tried solving using prefix function based on Prefix function - KMP

but the solution described is O(n^2). And I want to solve it in O(n)

6 months ago
How to look for jobs that one want, that gets offered to one based on reputation? How to build (such) reputation?
How should one start sharing with others?
How to build a network?
6 months ago
How to make Http 1.0 , 1.1, 2 requests in java?
How does multiplexing work or how to use multiplexing in java HTTP2?
How to identify the requests made in java with some tool?(like wireshark?)
7 months ago

remove the square brackets from the Default value

Didn't work
7 months ago
Should GET requests have headers other than usual Content-Type headers and the ones added by interceptors
In intelli, I am trying to create a live template that prints the method name and parameters passed to it.
In live templates, I have added
in template text, and
I have used Expression methodName() for METHOD and methodParameters() for PARAMETERS.

When I am using this template, it is wrapping method parameters in square brackets. I am wondering if there is a way to not get the square brackets.

Also, if I wanted to cover multiple parameters scenario too.
7 months ago
Hi Bruce, I couldn't find any solution. I was following Learning Apache Maven back then
8 months ago

Is there a reason why you're setting the input stream to null?

No, I may have taken an example from repo (examples/
Even after setting to and setting OutputStream to System.out, I got JSchException: Algorithm negotiation fail
I also tried

But the windows terminal in intellij is just stuck at printing after printing object hash of `System.out.println(in.toString());`
8 months ago
Hi, I am trying mweide jsch library.  I was able to get output when I connected to ssh in command-line and git bash. But when I tried to use jsch library using below code, it doesn't print anything for output or even when printing directly to the console.

These are main dependencies in my build.gradle file.

8 months ago
What is the correct way to securely upload some files to remote server using SSH/SCP using username and password.

What I tried so far is,

I also tried after downloading the file,

scp command worked when run from windows machine, but it is getting timed out in jenkins
8 months ago
Also, tried forward slashes in cmd, but still a read permission error. Also Is there a way to check read access exists with jshell (using java 11)
9 months ago